Thursday, July 28, 2011

Travel, Tools, Tea Parties, and Treasures

It has been a busy summer at the jacksontwo household. The weather has changed from the floods of spring to extremely hot and dry. Still, all in all, it has been a good summer.

We were fortunate to travel to Washington DC for the AFA Spiritual Heritage tour. Dan had looked forward to this trip for so long, I was concerned we would be disappointed. It turned out to be over and above anything we hoped for. We met a group of wonderful folks from Hawaii to Canada and Florida to California.

The tour was hosted by Tim and Allison Wildman of American Family Association. Several of us expressed envy of their jobs, until we saw really how stressful it was. Keeping 150 folks happy, safe and on schedule is not all blue skies and sunshine. Christian Historian Stephen McDowell gave us much insight into the Spiritual Heritage of our nation. This tour brought us to a greater appreciation of our nation and its early leaders. When the time came, we were not ready to leave. We hope to return to this wonderful historical city.

We (yes there is a mouse in my pocket) remodeled our back deck. Thanks to my husband’s wonderful architectural gift, hard work and ideas, it too turned out better than we envisioned. Friends and family say they are looking forward to hanging out there with us---when the weather cools. They are not exactly fair weather friends! They do come and visit inside where thankfully, it is nice and cool. They certainly cannot be faulted for using God’s gift of wisdom now can they?

I traveled to the Atlanta area to visit with an old friend from Memphis. It was a fun trip. Having a friend like LaDonna is a gift. You know those friends who you haven’t seen in years, when you meet again, it seems no time has passed at all.

Early arrival at Memphis Intl

“LD from Tennessee” as she has nicknamed herself, has a very lovely home in an awesome neighborhood in the quaint, picturesque town of Thomaston. I have spoken before of her skill of decorating and many gifted entrepreneurial ideas. Not only is LD very bright, she has a loving and compassionate spirit.

She is a member of Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston. It is also the headquarters of Be In Health healing ministry based on the teachings of “A More Excellent Way” by Pastor Henry Wright. I had the privilege of meeting a group of awesome ladies from this ministry and friends of LD’s. They too have become fast friends.

Tea Party for Birthday Girl (in yellow)!

LaDonna and I

Word was spread on Friday night a birthday celebration for one of the ladies, Dianne, was to be. The grandopening of a new tea room and consignment shop “Sweet Georgia” was the next day. It was a special venue worthy of a special group of folks. Donned in our bling and big hats, a group of 16 ladies gathered to celebrate life.  It was a great time of laughter, food and fun even though LaDonna and I were the Southern minority.

Bulloch House in Warm Springs

LD and I had a great time searching for treasures at different antique shops. We had lunch at a restaurant in Warm Springs, The Bulloch House, converted from a large Southern home. A couple of Hispanic young men were asking us to identify some of the foods obviously foreign to them. LD immediately pointed out and described a large array of foods including fried apples and green tomatoes. They were skeptical when she told them the latter foods were a must have for the Southerners. Cautiously, they agreed to a small taste. In no time at all, they were asking for seconds. Well done LD on two new Southern converts! I'm not quite sure they would be good tea party candidates though.

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one's friend springs from their earnest counsel.  Proverbs 27:9