Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Beautiful Boy

On September 10, 2014 the heavens opened and an angel was sent to dwell among us. This precious gift came wrapped with the name tag Brayden.  He has so many physical struggles. This precious one has been through more painful procedures and surgeries in his short life than any one person should in their entire life. 
Birthday Boy Brayden

Still, he smiles intertwining his heart with the hearts of all he meets.  He is such a joy. Pure love is this beautiful boy!  Why he has to suffer so much, I do not know.

All of us, myself included would love to take all his pain and troubles from him.  We would love to keep him protected and sheltered all the days of his life.  He has gifted us with so much, it seems little sacrifice.  If only.

We cannot.  We do know the One who can do all things.  We pray each day for another miracle for our beautiful boy.  He has had many.  No doubt more miracles are on the way to him.  He IS a miracle this beautiful boy of ours.
Brayden and Sister Marley
I pray God will continue to place the desire in me to seek the gift of Grace. Grace to uplift, encourage his care givers in every way. I pray to build up and not to tear down. I pray that angels be encamped around both Brayden all love and are responsible for his health care decisions.  I pray for wisdom, patience and strength for his parents. I pray they will know when to hold tightly and when to let go.

May we be reminded daily and give thanks to the Creator for our beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy!

Every good and perfect gift is from above....James 1:17