Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life is Good!

Life is Good!

Someone recently asked why I had not blogged about our much anticipated Route 66 trip.  I replied that I had been too busy.  Perhaps a more accurate answer would be that the older I get the more my ADD kicks in.  I sit down at the computer to blog and get distracted with other things.  Go figure?
We made it!  Hold on to that tree for dear life.  Long drop!
We did have a wonderful trip.  It was over and above anything we ever expected. The beauty of God’s world is truly miraculous.  How anyone can view nature’s works of art and deny God is incomprehensible to us.

Bird's eye view of Colorado River

We traveled across the blustery plains of Oklahoma and Texas. As we approached New Mexico and Arizona the views changed to majestic mountains and gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. We were so excited when we finally entered the gates of the Grand Canyon. We finally made it!  We marveled at the way the landscape changed with the sun. The unplanned discoveries and stops were among the best.  Case in point, the nineteen story cross and the bronze statues of Jesus’ walk to His cross at “Our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries” in Groom, Texas. Check it out.  It will touch you in a very personal way
Groom Texas

We were scheduled to leave the Grand Canyon to stay over in Las Vegas.  We were having such a great time, we debated on whether to go or stay over.  I don’t know what we missed in Vegas. The decision to stay over for a still water float down the Colorado River was the proverbial cherry on top of our Grand Canyon experience.  Words cannot describe the beauty and the peace of that day.  It was a good decision.
How biggggg was the petrified log Dan????

Logger gal?

After the Grand Canyon we headed through the desert toward the San Diego area.  As excited as we were to arrive at the Grand Canyon, we so looked forward to visiting with our Cali Fam! The entire family was present for our niece and nephew's wedding. What a treat. Love, love these folks! The wedding venue could not have been improved upon. It too was designed by God.

Outside of "my castle"
Inside "my castle"

Wedding venue!

Dan and I with Sis at wedding.

Andrea and Daniel's wedding!

Sadly we departed for the trip back home.  We stopped over in Las Cruces, NM to visit with more family.  Another smile from God….we witnessed the most glorious sunset of our trip here.  The sky looked on fire with the Glory of God!

Our trip ended with a stop in the Dallas area.  We do break for grandkids!  Another memory of a life time came our way.  The older ones, as all teens are always on the move. We spent a day with the smaller ones at Bass Pro Shop. It is a museum within itself.  We went fishing at Grapevine Lake
Our six year old girly girl Lily caught her first “fishy”!  She was sooooo excited she almost capsized the floating dock we were on.  All she could do was jump up and down shouting, “I caught a fishy!” All she wanted to do was touch it and let it go.  Her brothers kindly and gently obliged her.
Yep!  Life IS good!

Thanks are to God for the creator of all things good. From the plains, the desert, the mountains to the oceans--who can decide! Exquisite nature, the best husband ever, family, friends and the joy of grandkids and their first fishy!  Life is Good!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Good Race

It is another cool rainy dreary day here in Arkansas-- weather-wise any way! On the political front we are encouraged by the election returns. Not all our candidates claimed their seats. For those who fought the good fight and ran the good race but did not finish first, we are sure God has greater plans for you! Keep up the good fight!

We are particularly pleased one young man we have prayed and campaigned for did win his congressional seat.  This family has been for generations, honorable, faithful in their church and community. What they say, they do.  What you see is what you get!  We are thankful for God to have the entire Westerman family as a part of our community!
One of the MANY supporting our favorite candidate in the rain!

As we watched the colors of red and blue stretch across the United States map, it was our hope and prayer this nation was returning to Christian values.  We are painfully aware of division. The great divide within our places of worship and politics is a stark reality.

The question was asked of one young man exiting after casting his vote. "What brought you out to vote?"  His reply, "I just wanted to vote against a politician I do not like."  "But what about the issues that brought you out to vote?" The voter stared blankly. "Issues?"  

We have dear friends of all races and denominations. They are precious loving folks who are there for us always. I am happy we agree to disagree while maintaining the integrity of our friendship. It also pains me we are segregated in so many ways.

The last landslide election was blue, this one was red. Is it not apparent that we must work together to reclaim the values our founding fathers sacrificed so dearly for our America?
The beautiful Westerman Family!

Our hope and freedom is not in a particular political party.  It is in each of us to stand firmly in our personal faith and conviction. Jesus taught us to never waiver from what is right but still walk in love.  There is only one color that insures our futures.  That is the red blood of Jesus Christ!

 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as sperpents, and harmless as doves.  Matthew 10:16