Friday, September 7, 2012

The Attic

In preparing for our move to the playhouse, I took advantage of a somewhat cooler day to attack the attic. I have often thought the reason we love second hand stores and flea markets is because it is much like rummaging through grandmother’s attic. Among the dust and cobwebs precious memories are stored away.

There were boxes left unopened since my parents passed away. All these years later, I was able to venture inside of them. Instead of sadness, there were smiles and even a few happy tears. In the midst of cards and other milestone documentation of my life, I found Mom’s treasured pink compact. It no longer held her scent but I could still feel both their presence.

I next tackled my children’s things. Some of the toys still had the price tags attached. Other items like cheerleader pom-poms were simply falling apart. There was a stock pile of cabbage patch dolls once treasured by my little girl. One still bore the marks where an attempt was made to pierce the ears to match hers.

There were sweet notes in my little boy’s kindergarten scrawl. I uncovered a sun catcher he had made for me, in his favorite color of blue. I remembered his admonishment when he gifted it to me to make sure I took care of it always.

Much to my surprise I easily gave a way the majority of the attic treasures. I felt it fitting to donate them to a local children’s shelter. They were delighted. Maybe they will find a fond memory or two tucked away in their attics some day.

Still there were some things I could not let go of.  If….some day….. ..They are again discovered by their owners in my deserted attic—I pray they too will find happy memories to cherish.

......but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.
Luke 2:19