Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Always As They Appear

The entry to our small subdivision was at one time neat, tidy and welcoming. As of late, it has fallen into disrepair. Since it is the first impression of our neighborhood we asked the owner if we could make some changes. After permission to do so, we set about out tearing out and cleaning up.

Sweet neighbor Tiffani stopped by to visit while I was working. I invited her to help. I am generous that way. I warned her to be careful of snakes as this was a perfect hiding place for them. After loading the bed of our little pick up with weeds and such from the gateway, Tiffani began picking up litter along the sides of the street.

As if we didn’t look enough like rednecks, we realized one of the things picked up and tossed into the truck bed was a discarded beer case. She laughed and commented our husbands might think rather than working we had kicked back with a few.

As I was burning the debris today, I stoked the fire with a rake. As I lifted the rake from the fire to my horror discovered a snake curled around the prongs. I screamed as I shook the rake violently to dislodge it back into the fire.

There was not a soul around to witness by antics. At least, there was not one that would acknowledge knowing me. Why would anyone approach a screaming lunatic shaking a snake on a stick? From a distance it must have actually looked like a roasting flaming foot long hot dog? Clearly things are not always as they appear.

Why was I so frightened? I for sure had the upper hand. It was the snake that was burning to a crisp at a safe distance from me on the end of a long stick! It was I that held its life in my hands; not mine in its.

Dan and I have been fretting a bit lately over clarity in life situations. We always tend to want to know the entire plan God has for us. Even though we know God is making these changes for our good, we still have some fear. Who? What? When? How? Why? Can we be sure it is of God? Again, like the burning snake on a stick, we have the upper hand. God is protecting us regardless. There is nothing to fear except that which we create in our minds.

The Bible addresses fear over 365 times. No doubt He felt we needed to be reminded every day!

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9


Jada's Gigi said...

Good post! and what a scary incident...but you are right...there was no need for fear....

Mrs. Mac said...

Because God has put enmity between the serpent and man :) I would have done the same thing .. screaming and dancing around ... For some reason my computer didn't show the other pictures (just the fire). (My laptop is acting weird). I hope you got over your fright.