Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sheer Joy!


We were excited about a Fourth of July visit with the Texas kids!  The day before we were to leave, Dan decided to take an early morning walk.  All of a sudden he heard a loud crack followed by severe pain in his knee.  We did make the trip but for the first few days Dan slept most of the time.  Dr. Son put him on crutches so he could get around.  So who says this eating healthy and exercise is good for you? We are not so sure in our case. Thankfully the knee is healing and no surgery will be needed!

Lily: Sheer Joy !

Dan was disappointed he was unable to romp and play as usual with the kids.  He did manage to get into a water fight with them at the pool.  Texas is usually hot and dry this time of year.  It did not disappoint. We attended a Fourth of July celebration.  The crowds were heavy. The air was thick muggy and miserable. There were bouncy houses for the little ones, entertainment booths for the older ones and an antique car show for the antique ones. The girls “shopped” with Papa Dan and Dad for their cars while Mom rustled the little ones at various rides.

Girls shopping for cars...Megan wants a TRUCK!

You would think with the environment and Dan’s injury we would have a miserable time.  That was not the case.  The expressions of sheer joy and excitement of the little ones made the night a pleasure! Lily wanted a "horsey" balloon and Joshua a sword.  They jumped up and down with glee anxiously awaiting their turns.

Joshua and his sword jumping up and down over the fireworks excitment
 The grand finale of the night was the traditional fireworks display and patriotic music.  The little ones danced and shrieked with excitement. It was a beautiful night of sheer joy for all.

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.

Psalm 3:7

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