Monday, January 14, 2013

Goody Box

We continue to enjoy Dan’s retirement and our time together. There have been a few unexpected adjustments. Within a few days, Dan was restless. The weather and sinus infections were making him even antsier. Dan is unlike our friend Jim who embraces his leisure life with gusto. Jim who weather permitting is either on the lake fishing or on the golf course. Bad weather finds him at the local coffee shop swapping tales with buddies. Jim says, “I was born lazy and never got over it.”

Admittedly, I felt a little misplaced when he began taking over the kitchen. Scary is it not? (Remembering the story about replacing a crock pot after he cooked a grilled cheese?) He decided he wanted to make HIS chili. He did allow me to shop for a very specific list of ingredients minus his “secret’ ingredient. The dish turned out really well. It occurs to me that another’s cooking regardless of the similarities really does taste better. That is particularly true when hubby cleans up the kitchen after.

The weather and sinuses were clearing. The kitchen was abandoned for the man cave expansion project. We are still sorting through all of his work stuff. I picked up a cardboard box from the car. “That’s my goody box” he says. There were a lot of goodies in it. Items ranged from hand cream, drink mixes, coffee creamer, sweeteners, an assortment of eye glasses and sunshades and such. As one would expect, many were long lost and forgotten treasures.

Man cave expansion. The man is happy digging in the dirt!  Always!

As we embark upon this new adventure in our lives, regardless of challenges and adjustments, we are reminded daily of the many treasures we share. We look forward to uncovering those perhaps forgotten or overlooked. No doubt there are treasured memories yet to be made. Dan is beginning to adjust and embrace no setting of the alarm clock, napping when he is tired and actually kicking back in his recliner to watch football. In time he may even convert to Jim’s philosophy of life.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Luke 12:34

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Diane said...

So many beautiful memories to be made, so many dreams yet to fulfill. What a blessing to have that time together and the opportunity to do all of those things together. Enjoy it and do it for all of us who won't have that opportunity. BTW, looks like that man cave may take a while!