Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Dan!

Note inscription on bench!

Today is Dan's 65th birthday! On our walk yesterday we happened upon this bench with a perfect inscription for the occasion. There are several such benches scattered around the Village. Many reflect the humor and personalities of the donors. Love it.

Another source of humor is the imagination of vanity license plates. I spotted a bright red Mini Cooper parked next to me. The license plate read, "Mini Hog". For a small town with mostly out of state residents, Hog fever (University of Arkansas Fayetteville) runs wild here. Another vanity tag simply reads, "McFamily". Love it.

Humor is always good for the soul, particularly so as we get older. I received a card today from a blogger friend. She was commenting on the "Oh My Goodness" blog. She says she looked for her cell phone for ten minutes will talking on it with her mom. Love it.

While I can't say we are exactly growing old gracefully, we are growing old together. Finding humor along the way is just icing on the birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday my love! I am thankful we are growing up older together!  And yes, we are still kickin!

"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine......Song of Solomon 6:3

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