Monday, August 5, 2013

The Web

Mis-match-inside out backwards
and plaid day! Whew!

The "Spider Web"

Ooops!  How did I get wet???

Armed and dangerous

Some things are just expected during summer vacation. Ice cream, swimming, visits to grandparents and Vacation Bible School. I have never met a single person in my lifetime that has never attended at least one summer Vacation Bible School. This year our church came up with a new twist; Game Days.

Dan and I were in charge of activities for the kindergarten group. As you can imagine grandparents plus kids plus water plus water guns plus minnows, well things got a little out of hand. Everyone had a great time—except the minnows. The first day they swam lazily about the wading pool. The next day they frantically tried to escape little hands fishing for them. If minnows can suffer from post traumatic stress, not doubt these survivors do. The minnows were a hit for every age group. The first stop for each and all was to check on the minnows. It took a little explaining why Mr. and Mrs. J returned the grateful minnows back to the lake. “They were homesick for their mommies and daddies did not satisfy some.”

Thankfully another activity diverted their attention. They were given yarn to spin around trees to make “spider webs”. They loved this! As creative as little ones are, they did end up tying each other to the trees. No worries. Not a single child was left bound. Some grandparents reported they had to take their grandchildren back everyday to check the spider webs, “Just in case something was caught in them that needed setting free.”

Mr. J under attack! :)

We must confess. It is not all together clear who had the most fun, the adults or the children. Each day had a themed dress. Mr. J did not get into the funny hair day. We all know how he feels about his hair. He did get into the tacky inside out day.

Summer is drawing to a close. Grandchildren are returning to parents. Schools are making ready for fall session. The church parking lot is quite. The one remnant of summer remains. As of yet, no one has the heart to take down the spider webs. Maybe we “older kids” want to hold on to the gift of summer fun just a little while longer.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:17

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