Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oldie Weekend

      One of the things on our “some day” list is driving across country in a convertible via the historic Route 66. This weekend we attended a car show in a nearby town; dream shopping if you will. The first vehicle Dan spotted was the model of a tractor his Dad owned when he was four years old. He immediately phoned his brother and reminisced. Dan remembers attempting to keep Alan in his stroller while Mom went to check on their Dad in the field. This was perfectly fine in those days. The only way Alan would stay in the stroller was entertainment at the expense of their German Sheppard named Prince. The dog sat patiently letting him pull on his ears until Mom returned. I guess this was Alan’s first convertible; metallic blue as Dan recalls.

      We discovered many “oldie goldies” as we walked through the park. I personally could have done without the overly exuberant band, but the cars were beautiful and the folks friendly. There was something for everyone, pets, adults and children. I picked out my favorite, Dan his. A Route 66 excursion is penciled in on next year’s calendar.

     After the car show we went to a local restaurant for an early dinner. The eatery was in and of itself worth the drive. It was as the town, small. It probably is the main diner in town. The place was scrubbed shinny and clean. The server was friendly and polite as were the fellow patrons. “Wimpy” as we sometimes refer to Dan because of his love of the burger, ordered his usual cheeseburger. I chose the fish which I rarely do. The portions were huge and melt in your mouth delicious.

     The old days while filled with warm memories, are not necessarily better. There were hard times then as they are today. It does seem in our parents’ era mutual respect and a strong sense of character was more prevalent. It is good to look back and bring the best of our past into our present. Maybe we could start with a convertible?

     But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil.
Matthew 5:37


Charlotte said...

Very interesting. I remember traveling on Route 66 when I was a kid back in the 40s. Now parts of the highway have been updated and you can still see the old highway running parallel at a distance. I always say I'd like to get out and walk down that old highway.
I found your blog by clicking on your name on the follower section of Spiritual Sundays. I'm happy you are following that blog.

Charlotte said...

Another comment. I love brown shoes, but not with a tuxedo. lol