Saturday, September 11, 2010

Celebrating Cheryl

Today we spent a great day visiting with siblings and niece Cheryl. Since Cheryl’s birthday is this week, we decided to make it an added celebration. Just for fun, there was a tiara for her head and baubles and jewels for her cake. With typical style and sense of humor, she agreed to wear the tiara out to eat.

Cheryl is more a sister than niece. Like most of us, life has often been an up hill climb. Ten years ago on Fathers Day, we received an emergency call. Cheryl was critically ill in a Memphis area hospital. As we were driving over, I had a vision of angels standing in a circle holding hands around her bed.

We arrived at the hospital to discover, Cheryl was in a coma, her lungs, kidneys and heart in failure. Diagnosed with the rare scleroderma, she was not expected to survive. With this grim diagnosis, no restrictions were placed on visitors entering her critical care room. Many persons prayed over her as she lay unconscious on life support. She could hear the doctors say she would not survive. Although she could not respond audibly she spoke to herself, “No I am not!” Each time a prayer was prayed over her, she felt her body grow stronger.

Several days later, I phoned the hospital to check on her condition. To my great surprise and delight, Cheryl answered the phone! Later she explained the vision of angels. While in a coma she heard her physician say all medical knowledge was exhausted. The physician then asked all the staff to join hands, circle around Cheryl and pray. Those were her circle of angels!

She was on kidney dialysis for a long while as her lungs and heart continued to heal. Needless to say, the day she no longer had to make those trips to the dialysis unit was another day of great celebration. The disease was finally pronounced in remission. She was left with many physical handicaps. This has not deterred her attitude and zest for living her life as fully as her body will allow.

We will continue to believe, angels are still encamped around her and she will not only live, but live abundantly. Certainly no other thought would ever dare cross Cheryl’s mind!

Happy Birthday Cheryl and many more!!!!     

You make known to me the path of life;in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

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