Saturday, November 20, 2010



Misty-Riley's Mom
at his age

Riley, our four year old grandson, told his parents he was learning about “Thanksgiveaway” in school. Much of the sweetness of young children is their way with words. While we may see it as a mispronounced word, through a child’s eyes, perhaps Riley recognizes the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday?


We typically gather with friends and family on Thanksgiving. It is a season to remember and give thanks to God for all of our blessings. Too many times our celebrations are turned inward rather than outward. We (I) so easily get caught up in the traditional trappings; we overlook those in need of our comfort. It is tragic that holidays which should inspire hope and love are also the peak suicide season.

Today a group of friends gathered to celebrate the gift of life. Many loved ones prayed for years that God would bless Beth with a child. Today we held her beautiful infant daughter. Her parents named her Ellienne Joi, which means: "My God has answered my prayers."  Husband, Jamie, is being deployed; not great news to a new mom. This gathering not only celebrated her daughter’s life, it was a solidarity gift of faithful friends.

Beth and Joi

Precious gifts come in many shapes and sizes. A simple hug, a note of encouragement, an invitation to a meal or a sincere, "I got your back," can be a matter of life or death. It is safe and comfortable celebrating with a feast of food behind closed doors. I hope to adopt Riley’s attitude of “Thanksgiveway" and step out of my comfort zone and do more giving away.

     Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.  Proverbs 13:12


Sandy said...

I so enjoyed your post today!
Love kids! Riley looks exactly
like his mom did as a child.
And the little Joi is simply
beautiful. Do I see a head full
of red hair like her mommy?
Just precious.
I hope you and yours enjoy a
wonderful time of Thanksgiving

Brown Shoe said...

Yes, baby Joi is a clone of her mom. God is so good. Thank you. You have a great Thanksgiving Day as well.