Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Calm

This was an unusually quite Christmas Day for us. We visited with our daughter’s family the previous weekend. Unfortunately she and the grand children were ill Christmas weekend. Our plans are to visit with our son’s family later this week.

Dan at a rare loss for words

One of the things on our “Some Day” list is Dan’s desire to play the guitar. Well, “Santa” via UPS, delivered one for him on Christmas Eve. The look of surprise on his face was a gift to me! It was the first time I have been able to completely surprise him; at least, happily anyway.

On our way to Christmas Eve worship, we dropped by the music store for assistance. We asked if there were possibly a how to booklet, “Guitar for Old Dummies”. Without missing a beat, the salesperson immediately produced several to choose from. We found him to be both pleasant and helpful; even with having to work on Christmas Eve. He even offered an assortment of ear plugs should I feel the need.

Christmas by the fire

We spent Christmas weekend, eating, resting by the fire, eating more, guitar strumming, speaking with family and friends. Dan caught me trying, in vain I am sure, to work off some of the chocolate consumption. He walked outdoors in the snow and cold with Angel. I am certain he burned more calories than I. A new weight loss gimmick promotes sitting in an ice water bath. The promotion video shows a gentleman relaxing in a tub of ice reading a book. The theory is your body works harder to stay warm thus burning more calories. Sorry, not my kind of relaxation. If there is a choice between that and chubby; the latter wins out.

I loves me chocolate!

My “Santa Baby” gifted me with the most recent Francine Rivers book. Smart man that he is knows if I have my nose stuck in one of her books, I will not be back seat driving on our trip. Makes travel more enjoyable for the both of us.

Coming from a large family, I miss those noisy and chaotic Christmas Eve dinners with the entire family. My heart was a little sad as we passed houses lined with vehicles of visitors. Our family has grown and multiplied and divided, having small ones and living in different parts of the world, it just isn’t feasible anymore. I do miss those “old” days, but the new gives way to new traditions and memories.

Four year old grandson Riley, feeling ill, rose just long enough on Christmas morning to see if gifts had appeared under the tree during the night, said, “I knew he would come!” Knowing Santa had come with gifts as promised, he could return to bed in peace, confident the gifts would be waiting for him.

Grandson Sullivan Christmas Tree Joy!

Even in the midst of Christmas joy, heart ache and disappointment can creep in and try to steal our joy and our peace. If we can just hold on to the simple and complete faith of a child and trust Him in all things we can have peace because, “I knew HE would come!”

For the Lord says, See, I will make her peace like a river, and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream, and she will take her children in her arms, gently caring for them on her knees. Isaiah 66:12


Mrs. Mac said...

Christmas Calm is another chapter of life; inevitable I suppose. You have beautiful grand kids. We had Christmas 'nonstop' with twelve people under our roof and three cute dogs (two visiting;) Thanks for following along with The Scarf Sisters .. and The Thrifty Garden Home .. you should send me an email if you are interested in 'officially' joining the Sisterhood .. we'd love to add you to the group.

Merry Christmas,

Mrs. Mac/Cathy

A Gracious Home said...

Your grand is so cute. My husband plays the guitar and sings. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. Doylene

Tammi said...

Dear Linda, I just wanted to drop by and tell you thanksfor your special comment! The Lord has used comments like yours to really encourage my heart this week. . . I'm just so thankful for how He has expanded my family of sisters, all without me doing anything but being right here. . .and yet He just allows my path to cross with such dear fellow bloggin-sisters! :)
My college classes start back tomorrow. . .the Lord is bringing me out of my comfort zone---but picture this: It's me, trying to loosen up my grip, and pick my feet up, so that He is not actually "dragging me" out of my comfort zone. . but lately that's the way I've felt. LOL Thank the LORD for His patience and gentleness! :)
Hope it's a great week for you!