Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beagle Bailey

Dan and Angel

Since we live in the county, some folks seem to think it is perfectly fine to dump their unwanted pets. We find this particularly disturbing in these freezing temperatures.

One such pet found us this weekend. He was the cutest little dog. He appeared from the inside of a culvert while Dan was walking our Angel dog. The two were having such a wonderful time playing and enjoying their newly found friendship, Dan had to cut the walk short.

We took in the little dog which I immediately named, “Beagle Bailey”. He appeared to be a beagle/basset mix and like the cartoon character, Beetle Bailey, was full of  mischief. We gave food, water, shelter and affection to Beagle Bailey. After purchasing a collar and leash for him, Dan took him around the neighborhood in search of his home. I placed his picture on face book. No one came forward to claim him.

Beagle Bailey

We assumed that Beagle Bailey would become a member of our family. However, even within the safety of a large fenced back yard and love of family, he was not happy. He cried, scratched and dug at the fence trying to escape. Thinking maybe he needed some one on one time, I opened the gate to bring him inside the garage for a treat.

The moment the gate was unlocked, he took off like a rocket down the street. We have spotted him a couple of times a few miles away. He was running with a pack of other animals and seemed content. Whether or not he has another home to go to, we do not know. We fear for his safety running loose.  We can only hope he knows how to find his way back to our place of refuge. That is all we can do. He decided to go his own way. We cannot force him to stay against his will.

As I watched Beagle Bailey running happily with the crowd, I was reminded of the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. We have all left the shelter of our Father’s house and decided to go our own way. When we, like the prodigal son, come to the end of ourselves, we make haste in returning to the safety of His arms.

Many of our loved ones are out in the cold. They are rebelling against the safety of God and seeking their own selfish way. Our hearts hurt for them and those they are wounding through their disobedience. We pray for them and ourselves as King David prayed,

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24

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Sandy said...

What a sweet and tender story
today about Beagle Bailey and
so profound when we think of
those we love out in the cold
world without Jesus. I have
many in my large extended family
who do not know the Lord. I do
hope this precious little dog
finds a good home with you or
someone else very soon.