Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fair Weather Friends

Every Tuesday a group of female friends gather for lunch. I have dubbed us “The Real Housewives of FBC (Fellowship Bible Church). This morning I heard the sound of pouring rain, lightening and thunder. Having been spoiled by two glorious sunny days in the dead of winter, my first thought was to be a fair weather friend this week. As usual, my husband encouraged me to join my friends. I am so happy he did.

To my delight several friends came that rarely get to participate. As a bonus two of my favorite people just “happened” to be at the same coffee shop for lunch. These two are from different countries. They are not only beautiful, gifted and brave ladies; they always have the warmest and most welcoming countenance about them.

We take so much for granted in this country. We become complacent in our routines and customs circling our wagons around us. As our conversation turned to food, as it often does, potato soup for dinner came up. One of the ladies asked how that was made. Something that was so common place in our world was intriguing to her.

There are so many wonderful things we can share and learn from each other. True friendship would be the most valued. Coming from different cultural backgrounds can often separate rather than unify us. Sadly that is seen most frequently within the church.

Too many of us, as I found myself this morning, either by commission or omission can find ourselves being fair weather friends. A fair weather friend is there when circumstances are pleasant and profitable, but at the first sign of trouble, they will break fellowship with you.

One friend commented that it seemed as a society we are becoming less social. There was a time the front porch was the setting for neighborhood friends. We are now switching the welcome sign of the front porch for fenced back yard decks. The message is changing from come in to stay away.

Our family witnessed a beautiful example of true friendship this weekend. We gathered to celebrate our Aunt Rhea’s 82nd birthday. Her son, Larry, invited her life long friends. The sight of the loyal friends laughing, hugging and reminiscing over old times was priceless. It certainly makes us want to re-open the front porch!

A righteous man is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

Proverbs 12:26


Sue said...

I hope that I will never become a
"fair weather friend" to someone. I strive to be there through the good times AND the bad. It's not always easy. Patience can wear thin. But I pray that I will receive the strength to help others in times of need because I have been the recipient of kindness and love when I most needed it. I truly believe that no man is an island...

carrie said...

I think we are all in a learning process. Hopefully anyway. We all make mistakes and sometimes we don't show our friends how much they really do mean to us. Sometimes we say or do stupid things to our friends that we later regret but REAL friends will still be there to receive our appologies and our love. So for those of us who have made the mistake of being a fair weathered friend, learn from your mistakes and ask the Lord to help you allow his love to flow through you to not only your friends but to all those you meet.Thank God for friends who loves us even when we're unloveable.:)