Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter, L’Phants and Camels – Oh My!

Megan, Haley, Connor and Baby Lily

Easter "Safari"


Dan and I were blessed to spend several days with children and grandchildren over the Easter weekend. It had been a very long time since we have worshiped together on an Easter Sunday.

Papa Dan and Baby Lily
(Unknow passengers)
Nana, Connor and Haley Camel Ride
 Our daughter in law is super organized. She has every moment scheduled and planned to the minutest detail. We spent one day at a Medieval Fair. We rode elephants (or L’Phant according to our two year old) and camels with the grandchildren. There were live chess games, archery lessons and joisting matches among the many five hour events.

Becky giving Dan driving directions.  Note the pink purse.  Only a grandfather!

Connor and Haley sharing a drink.

Archery lesson 1.

After Easter morning worship, neighbors gathered at the house for food, fellowship and of course, an egg hunt. Their neighbors are very sweet. The ones that came were from different countries or different areas of this country. Their neighbors were their family.

Easter Sunday Neighborhood Brunch

We would love to be a part of every single moment of our children and grandchildren’s lives. Unfortunately, that so far has not been possible. The many miles that separate us do not separate our hearts. We try to make every moment we spend together count. Maybe if we were closer together we may take those precious moments for granted.

Easter Sunday before Mass.  Guess which two are NOT morning people?~

And the great hunt begins!

Lily more interested in squashing bugs than huting eggs!

As we watched the neighborhood laugh and share about their families, it really struck us, how gracious God is. Even though they too are separated by miles from their loved ones, God has provided family to share their lives. Our children’s home was a banqueting house of love.

Joshua standing by Connor's "Blue thingy
which is a mover arounder" he used to help
Mom with landscaping!

The "Car Guys" Papa Dan and Joshua

In this day and age of high technology, one can virtually do everything from home. They can shop, work and worship. The world is becoming more and more impersonal. Instead of voice messages, we receive texted messages. It is indeed special to see personal interaction and sharing each others lives.

At the end of five hours, some of us are still managing a smile, others crashed and burned.....

Mom and "Dr. Son"

Megan taking a snooze on the way home.

Dan and I

Many of our Scarf Sisters share love for the same scripture. I smiled as I read the scripture below that Terry had marked in our traveling Bible.

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:4

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