Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coming Home

It is brutally cold today. Chicken Tortilla Soup is warming in the Crockpot. As I shared with a friend, I love for my husband to come home to the aroma of food in the air. She reminisced how she felt such happiness as a child coming home to the smell of a warm meal. That is my goal.

Dan works so very hard. When he walks through the door, I want him to feel nothing but love, peace and comfort with his homecoming. He certainly goes out of his way to take care of me. New Year’s Eve I began to feel a bit under the weather. By morning I couldn’t budge myself out of bed. I felt poorly for a week. I don’t know if I had a virus or if my body was shutting down in self defense from all of the holiday travel and rich food.

                                                                 Dan and I Christmas 2011

One night I awoke from my spot by the fire to find Dan making his own dinner. He didn’t want to disturb me. How sweet is that? His version of dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich, but he was totally proud of himself. We will, however, be purchasing a new Crockpot to replace the broken one. I assured him I had done far worse damage in the kitchen many times.

Sister in law, Ruthie, sent a chunk of her homemade fruit cake.home with us  Dan likes everything in fruitcake except the red and green thingies. Well, that is the bulk of the cake. I ate the whole thing. I am a firm believer in waste not want not. Sadly I ended up with more waist than want. I pried myself into my jeans but the waist ballooned over the top like an open umbrella. It is far more sad than the run of the mill muffin top. The fruit cake did not make the trip alone. There was a variety of other specialty dishes from sisters Gere, Patsy and Cheryl. Well, we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings by not eating their dish right?


                                                    Patsy, Cheryl and Gere. Let's eat!

I try to get my worst dreaded errands done first and behind me for the day. I headed to Wally World to pick up a prescription for Dan. My “honey do” list was tucked safely in my coat pocket-- nothing to be forgotten today! When I hit the cold, I decided to change to warmer hat and gloves. You guessed it….the list did not make the transfer.

Well, it is the New Year but some things remain the same. I am trying to get back into a regular exercise routine. I am doing fair with the treadmill, but still struggle not to fall asleep when I lie down for my floor exercise. Dan had the idea we should snuggle up on the sofa by the fire like we use to. That was back when we obviously had an older, larger sofa. Now, Houston we have a problem. We have spillage and various body cramps and spasms.

Dan just called to say he was on his way home. As always, I am happy to hear those words. I will greet him with a gentle hug and a light kiss as not to injure either of us. We will gave thanks for our soup, petition for our loved ones, and thank God for our gift of enduring love in this New Year!

Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever. Psalm 136:3


Becky said...

lovely pics.
our couch has the same issue, it's just too small :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy New Year Linda. I hope you are feeling better. Your description of having a nice aroma of food greet your hubby when he comes home .. well, that speaks LOVE!