Saturday, January 21, 2012


A young lady in our church has challenged me by example to think organic. I figure if she can do it with two active little ones underfoot 24-7 so can I. Not only is she attempting to go all natural for the health of her family, it is more economical for this young family’s tight budget. She even makes her own laundry detergent. I am so totally impressed, aren’t you?

Granted, there is a learning curve. I have to remind myself to reach past the bleach and pine scented cleaners for the baking soda and vinegar. I don’t know when I got the idea to clean means your house should smell like chemicals. Good marketing I suppose. I have noticed certain cleaning products give me an instant migraine. Duh! You say? That within itself is good reason to rethink organic cleaning.

Yesterday I was at the pharmacy late in the day. I am a grazer. I tend to snack throughout the day. Often it is late afternoon when I realize I haven’t eaten a real meal and hungry. I found myself in that situation yesterday. Not a good thing when food is all around and everything looks delicious.

We seldom eat pork. Ranking high on the list of Southern favorites, next to catfish is barbeque. I spotted Corky’s barbeque dinners in the freezer section. I reasoned that the portions would be small enough not to cause too much damage. Within minutes of arriving home, the house was filled with the awesome smell of Southern style barbecue sauce. Doesn’t it just make your mouth water thinking about it? Yee Haw!

I will admit the meal was neither healthy nor organic. Obviously it was laden with salt. On the way to our weekly visit to the mission, I realized I was terribly thirsty. The mission has natural well water. I was getting almost excited about getting my hands on some of that water as I had been about the barbeque.

Their water is so good. It does so much more than quench your thirst. It seems to soothe your very soul. It is so cool and refreshing I seldom can stop with one large glass. Back in the old days, as I am told, well water was the one and only source of water. I have heard folks speak of missing that well water. Then it hit me. Well water was perhaps the first organic drink.

Hmm--organic water. Were we you organic before organic was cool?

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14  NIV


Deb said...

Ah this first I wondered where you were going...from baking soda and vinegar to well water! Great post, Linda!

...drinking at the springs of Living Water, happy now am soul they satisfy...drinking at the springs of Living Water....a wonderful and bountiful supply! (Do you know that old hymn? before organic was cool!)

Deb said...

Btw...Mrs. Mac is organic...she makes her own laundry soap! ;)

....and if it's okay with you, I just may borrow this little "lesson" to teach at our next Bible study!

We could get T-shirts...Organic Before Organic was Cool!

Linda Jackson (Brown Shoe) said...

Love it! Yes share away! :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Organic before organic was cool .. yes .. we all need T-shirts! I love this post! Next time you go to the supermarket .. (not hungry and for no apparent reason;) .. just stand and look at all of the STUFF that is not in a natural state. Boxes and packages of processed EVERYTHING. It will blow you away to step back and just observe. My cleaning products (not my laundry soap) consist of: vinegar, dish soap and baking soda. If you want that good smell .. add a little drop of a good essential oil (rosemary) and your home will smell like a spa. Did you know you can make your own furniture polish .. much like a salad dressing??? Olive oil, lemon juice .. I add a few drops of rosemary oil .. put in small jar .. shake well and apply on a cotton cloth to bring wood furniture back to life. I bet you have olive oil and lemon juice, eh? Come over and snoop around my homemaking blog .. there are some recipes for cleaning products somewhere. Have a blessed (clean) day.

Linda Jackson (Brown Shoe) said...

Thanks for sharing these helpful hints Mrs. Mac! :)