Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gotta Eat Your Veggies

I know better. Wal-Mart is always crowded. It is especially so on Monday mornings. Letting the weekend get by without grocery shopping, I was forced to make a run into the maddening throng.

It was much worse that I had anticipated. Factoring in the Thanksgiving holiday, the slew of shoppers was so thick you could not walk at a normal gait. One lady started saying, “I’m stopping now, I’m stopping now.” Responding to my smile she said, “I keep getting rear ended.”

Another lady and I were navigating down an aisle together. She apologized for reaching over me for a package of chocolate marshmallow cookies. “I just want my cookies and I am done. I know they are bad for you but I have to agree with my sister. My sister says we should eat what we want. We are in our seventies. So what if we die a day sooner? It is worth it.:” I feel pretty safe in saying, my sisters would agree with that reasoning as well.

We often join several other couples from church for Sunday night pizza and fellowship. In the course of conversation, our pastor relayed some wonderful news. “Whanda says that chocolate is a vegetable because it comes from a bean. If my wife says it, it must be fact.” Now, we all love and respect this couple for many reasons. That revelation only further endears them to us.

In planning our Thanksgiving dinner, I was sure to add a brown vegetable to the menu. After all, we should always eat our vegetables.

                                                                 Happy Thanksgiving!

I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving

Psalm 69:30


Diane said...

Oh, I'm with your pastor's wife....chocolate is DEFINITELY a veggie!!! LOL! I pray you and yours will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless!

Crown of Beauty said...

Chocolate comes from cocoa... so it is a vegetable.

I enjoyed this post.

Dropped by to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.


Trish said...

Well, this calls for a celebration!
I love Mary Chapin Carpenter...beautiful song!