Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vote 2013

It seems everyone is expressing their opinions on which candidate will change the tide of our country. Your opinion does not offend me; the open animosity over politics among family and friends does. Each person should have at least a platform that impassions them on how to cast their vote. I find those who choose not to vote at all extremely upsetting.

Frankly, I am not particularly excited about the election. I know that will come as a shock to some. I am sick to death of hearing all the empty promises from opposing sides. Friends witnessed one overly excited voter this week.  Seems a gentleman was so elated after he cast his early vote he turned and planted a big kiss on the lady behind him.  Yep...square on the lips! I don't recommend kissing strangers but I do commend his excitement.

We are registered Republicans but we do not vote strictly along party lines. We vote for the individual based upon his character, ability and willingness to fulfill their job description competently. They are applying for important jobs. Their resume is important.

It seems gay and abortion issues are particularly hot buttons. I am very open about my personal abortion experience. My personal agenda in that regard is to be of help and healing to those who like me live with the pain of that decision. I do not hotly debate the issue as some see fit to do.

We have friends and family that are openly gay and others who wish to remain private. They are just as loved by us as they were when they were known to us a “straight”. We do hold true to our faith and belief on this issue.

While abortion and homosexuality is in stark contrast with our faith, so is hatred. To disagree is human and it will always be. It saddens me that we cannot in our differences choose to love and accept each other as Jesus did.

I am not perfect. My “robe” is tattered and stained….maybe even more so than most. I know the pain of rejection because of choices I have made. It is not pleasant. It stings.

It is my prayer that we seek the face of God in voting for our candidate. It is my hope that we work together in holding each elected official accountable in their positions.

After all, it is God alone who truly sees the intent of heart. He alone can judge it. Thankfully, we do not receive what we deserve.

“He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” 2 Samuel 23:3

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