Thursday, May 16, 2013

Demolition Duo

We have done it yet again! Even though we swore this little cottage would be our forever home; we have purchased another. And of course, it is a fixer upper. We have completed the demolition. Now the reconstruction begins. More accurately, the waiting begins.  Coordinating and waiting for contractors and supplies can test the most patient of souls.

Dan says it is the blessings of God. I say we have become accidental house flippers. Every home we have purchased during our married life except our current cottage has been a foreclosure. For the most part each home has required tender loving care in the form of cleaning, painting, landscaping and updated fixtures. This most recent one presents more of a challenge.

Dan peeking around the wall that is no more! :)

The new old house is just around the corner from the cottage. What a difference a few feet can make. The street runs along the golf course and is more secluded and quieter. We are thankful to still be close to our sweet neighbors and friends we have become attached to. We are closer to the golf course and hiking trail. The marina is still within walking distance.

We agreed we would be in no hurry to complete this project. Time outs for other outings and activities are still on the calendar. Our goal is to have the front part of the house ready to move in soon after Memorial week vacation. The back of the house and other projects can be done more leisurely.

Of course leisure is relative. Dan takes his time with every detail. I am in no hurry as long as all is done yesterday. Everything should work out well don’t you think?

If you are in the neighborhood drop by. We will no doubt find a project suited just for you!

Now, please bless Your servant's house so that it will continue before You forever. For You, Lord GOD, have spoken, and with Your blessing Your servant's house will be blessed forever. 2 Samuel 7:29

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