Saturday, May 17, 2014

Forever Changed

Arkansas Master'Singers

I have finally learned to heed the weather warnings.  More than once we have challenged severe driving conditions warnings. Each time we found ourselves regretting our decisions.

Earlier this week the weather bureau issued sever thunder storm and flash flood warnings.  We had two events planned for that day and did not want to miss either.  I begged off the one in the morning.  The evening event with much hesitation, we decided to attend.

The Arkansas Master'Singers were giving a concert and sharing about their experiences from their trip to Ukraine.  I am so pleased we were able to go.  No doubt through their worship and experiences shared, their lives are forever changed.

The people of Ukraine expressed their appreciation in many ways.  Several commented they could not believe they would come to them with the danger in their country these days.  We trust their lives too are forever changed.


Many prayed for this visit.  Special prayers were made by us for two couples, Sam and Peggy and Janada and Buddy.  They returned exhausted but safely.

We visited briefly with Sam and Peggy at the concert.  Plans were made to visit them in Little Rock today.  When we called to confirm the time and place things had taken a major change.

Peggy had joined a friend for lunch at a local restaurant. As she was saying her goodbyes she tripped over an uneven place in the parking lot and took a very bad spill. 

Our visit was brief again, but this time it was at her hospital bed.  She has fractures in her arm, pelvis and back.  She is scheduled for surgery Monday.  Once again, I know many prayers are being offered upon their behalf.

We spoke of how she had traveled all around the globe to a nation threatened with war and violence without a hint of danger or harm. Practically in the safety of her back yard she is seriously injured by a freak accident.

None of us will ever understand why things happen the way they do on this side of life.  I know we are to have faith in God always.  I do, yet I find myself asking why.  I don’t always receive an answer.  Sometimes I do not comprehend the answer given. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. That is the nature of life on this earth.

I can only trust God to renew my faith each morning.  Everyday Lord, little by little help us to be forever changed by your Love, Mercy and Grace.

 “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”  Mark 9:24

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