Friday, May 9, 2014

Life on the Line!

Last weekend we attended the 13th Annual Fundraising Gala for The National Helpline for Abortion Recovery. For the first time ever, all thirteen staff members from around the country were gathered together in one place.  It was an awesome event.  We each answered questions from the audience. It was a wonderful opportunity to share all the many different phone calls we receive, services offered from all across the globe! We are so excited to officially change our title to The INTERNATIONAL Helpline for Abortion Recovery!
Mark, Lisa, Linda, Mary Lee, Cami, Sherry, Pauly, Terri, Dana, Arleen, Denise, Barbara, Samantha
My beautiful co-laborers

Senator Jason Rapert gave a most encouraging word to us. Then he and another friend entertained us with beautiful musical numbers.  Our very own lovely and gifted Barbara closed with an acapella rendition of The Lords Prayer.
Senator Jason Rapert and Cory Cox
Most of us “city slickers” had a lot of laughs over the name of the duck lodge we retreated to.  “Pluck a Duck Lodge”, Wynne, Arkansas claims it is the place where memories are made.  They have made believers out of us.  Great memories were indeed made. God did a great work in us as we laughed, ate, danced, sang, competed and paddled around the pond.
Stowing away on Mary Lee and Cami's ship!

A surprise trip was announced for Saturday. We would be attending “Pickin in the Park.”  Confused, more than one asked what fruit was in season that we would be picking. Not to single out any one person but the salsa ad slogan, “NEW YORK CITY?” comes to mind.  Sorry Arleen. 
Singing along in the park
Picking in the Park is actually a large gathering of friends from all over who bring their instruments to play, sing, and camp in the park.  Other parts of the country know it as strumming rather than picking.  That makes perfect sense. Staffers joined in the singing.  While perhaps off key, it was at least loud and exuberant.  We were given a bag of homemade fried pies to take back to the duck lodge for desert.  We are certain it was a gift of southern hospitality and not designed to send us on our way. Well, almost.
Millie and Dana playing chess
The Bible speaks of not despising humble beginnings.  We stand in amazement at what the Lord has done through surrendered hearts, tireless devotion and hard work of Dail and Millie Lace.  From the humble small town Wynne, Arkansas, hurting people from all around the world are finding hope and healing through Jesus Christ.  Words cannot express our love, admiration and loyalty we staffers share for this couple. 
A bit of silliness waiting to tour the home office in Wynne
A husband and wife volunteered to pick up a group from the Memphis airport. He admitted he was expecting a bunch of high-falootin snooty folks.  What he discovered were sincere, humbly dedicated but fun people. He could not wait to spend time with us.  He has volunteered to run the shuttle for next year. Even more importantly, his view of abortion has changed.

With one humble stone on top of another, God builds His Kingdom!

"For who hath despised the day of small things? For they shall recuoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel (with) those seve, they (are) the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth.   Zechariah 4:10

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