Friday, April 25, 2014

Dementia vs. Crazy

Dan was reading a magazine article on the signs of dementia.  As he addressed each item he immediately attributed our symptoms to other issues or illnesses.  He ignored my warnings to stop while we were ahead.

Some of the symptoms not listed in the article may be grounds for its impeachment.  It failed to mention why one washes their face with their glasses on.  What about searching the house inside and out for your phone then realizing you are holding it.

I posted on our social media page about our attending two movies this week.  That is highly uncommon for us.  The first movie was the late show.  It was after 1: 30 a.m. before we finally settled in for the night. 

Dan wisely decided to sleep in and take his morning walk in the evening with me.  Unfortunately it was raining when he arrived from work.  When the down pour became a drizzle, we decided to walk.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  By the time we began our final ascent toward home, it was dark. We were sure we were taking special care with our footing. During the night Dan experienced foot pain. Once again, he is sporting a boot for a stress fracture.

Last night Dan called to say he was working late. Once again we had been experiencing rain.  The early morning severe thunder storms had given way to light rain.  Rainy day plus home alone for dinner equals trouble for me.  Before long I was munching away on semi homemade cinnamon rolls for dinner. (I know you will keep my secret.)
photo Liz Street jpg
Driven in part from the guilt of my unhealthy binge, I decided I should take my run.  It had worked out pretty well earlier in the week minus the foot thing. The sky was clear but I took my umbrella just in case. 

It was hot and muggy. When the light showers hit it actually felt good.  Then the light rain suddenly turned into a full blown storm.  Thunder, lightening, flooding rain as such that Noah might respect. 

I abandoned the trail for the street to get back to the safety of home. The streets were flooding so quickly; I could only run through the middle.  It is typically a busy street but I reasoned that only a crazy person would be out it this weather.

I passed by the homes of at least three friends with whom I could have taken shelter.  I really wasn’t that far from home so I pressed on.  I popped up my umbrella which worked okay for a few seconds.  The high winds grabbed the umbrella turning me into a backward sail. And yes, genius that I am tried to turn it forward in hopes it would propel me.  Not so much.  It immediately collapsed.  Then it occurred to me; umbrella, metal, lightening, not a good combination.
Forrest Gump Movie 1994

The line “Run, Forrest, Run” from the movie Forrest Gump kept coming to mind. I did try to run as fast as I could.  I am no Forrest Gump!  It seemed the faster I tried to run the slower I became. Of course, no sooner had I arrived home and dumped my soaked clothing into the wash, the rain ceased and the sun came out.  

And then there's that other line from Forrest, "Stupid is a stupid does."  Dementia or just plain crazy? And the survey says?

Guide my steps in the ways of Your word, and do not let any sin control me. 
Rescue me from the torment of my human oppressors that I may live according to Your decrees. Let Your  face shine upon me to learn what You require.  
Psalm 119:113-135

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