Friday, August 29, 2014

Small Town Living

For the most part, you just can’t beat living in a small town. Yesterday I had two dreaded tasks. I had to drive “into the city” to speak to our cell phone provider. Secondly, there was a stop to fill the gas tank in my vehicle. Neither chore is pleasant. As for driving into the city; well that is only Hot Springs which is 30 minutes or so away.  Being from a large city, it was common place to take that long to go just about anywhere.  Now, it seems a real hassle. 

I can’t remember the real name of the gas station we use.  It has the type of gas Dan wants to purchase. I am only interested in a tank that makes the vehicles go. I noticed a bullet hole in the front door.  The manager/owner explained someone had shot at the propane tanks stored outside. The bullet ricocheted off the tanks went through the glass windows on either side and exited through the front glass door. Unfortunately the culprits managed to elude the security cameras. I now refer to the business as “Rednecks Are Us” for obvious reasons. Now, none of us are happy about the price of fuel but really?? Now that is really shooting the messenger.

I stopped off at my bank for some business.  While there I visited with our friend and bank manager.  I jokingly lamented over these chores and was ready for a chocolate break.  She immediately whipped out a homemade chocolate chip cookie.  Only in a small town community!
Now this is a novel idea!

Last night I battled the humidity for my evening jaunt.  I happened upon a neighbor dressed only in shorts, riding a lawn tractor holding a water hose over his head.  I chuckled as I tried my best to sneak by unnoticed. When he saw me he was both startled and embarrassed. I do what I do best. I acted like I knew not what was going on. It’s a gift.

Keep in mind our yards are really small to non-existent. By the time you take a turn, you are done.  I thought of friends Sam and Peg.  They are hilarious.  Sam was telling us about his latest pride and joy—his lawn tractor.  I wondered if Sam had thought of this heat quenching idea.  As hot as it was yesterday who would not consider it brilliant?

Ready for a mail drop!

One of the young ladies that shared at last week's conference spoke of her move to the Village.  She said she didn't mind the move....until she realized it was a retirement community. She said her mind was suddenly flooded with images of rows of mobile homes and pink flamingos.  Well, we don't have either but we do have another trade mark of sorts. A popular and ingenious Village idea is the golf ball on the mailboxes.  It sits connected to a chain on the lid of the mailbox.  When the postman delivers the mail, the ball falls from its perch signaling the mail has been dropped.  No wasted trips to the mailbox in this place. Brilliant!

We don’t get a lot of small babies at our church. When we learned a family with four infants would be visiting, we were thrilled.  Volunteers were not hard to find this day. There were a set of 6 month old brother and sister twins, their two female cousins ages 5 and 7 months.  We were having so much fun we were sad when the parents returned to claim them. The time passed too quickly.

Oh baby, baby, baby, baby!

Speaking of time passing; I cannot believe this summer has come and gone.  I just blinked and fall is approaching.  When did this happen????  It annoys me when people tell me how short the time is until Christmas.  Please!  It still feels like summer. Again, please, please, let me live in my state of denial; at least until the first snow.

 The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God endures forever~ Isaiah40:8

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