Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day 2014

We had the privilege of hanging out with some really terrific folks over the Labor Day weekend.  Elton and Dottie are dear friends here in the Village.  We were thrilled when they asked us to take their extended family and friends on a boat tour. Any opportunity to visit with these two is a huge treat.

When we arrived at their dock they began loading a three course meal, table, cloths, silverware and such. These two do everything with style! We visted as the grandsons and friends swam. Friend Stephanie and her parents had driven in from their home in New Orleans.  Within minutes we felt like life long friends with the Screen family as well.

Stephanie said she would be playing the piano for us at church Sunday night. She in her modesty grossly understated her gifts.  It ended up being a full concert of piano and violin.  Beautifully done! 
The beautiful and talented Stephanie with grandson Gray.
The Gray family definitely has the flair and gift of hospitality.  They have a beautiful Asian garden sprawled down the side of their lake side home.  Beautiful plants are surrounded by gazebos and waterfalls.

The afternoon before our boat tour, they had served their guests high tea at the gazebo.  Of course, all was served in their finest china and tea.

Their family crest includes the anchor.  While gray doesn’t seem line up with this colorful duo, the anchor is appropriate.  There are solid folks.  They are fully anchored in their faith. They are fun, energetic and loving in all their endeavors.

We had several thunder storms during the boating day.  I looked like we would be rained out. It turned out to be a perfect evening.  The cloudy skies and rains left us in peace.  Other than an invasion of spiders at sunset, it was perfect.  Dottie with her usual style said they must have been sunning all day and were coming in for the night.  That may be so Dottie, but next time we will make sure to exclude them from the guest list!

 We have the hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure, it enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.  Hebrews 6:10

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