Sunday, March 4, 2012


My brother Norman lives in what we always considered a small town. I was googling it tonight and found that MLS describes it not even as a small town but: a populated place located at latitude 34.896 and longitude -88.908.

Business addresses 5
P.O. Box addresses 36
Residential Addresses 428
Multi family addresses 0
Single family addresses 392

My husband suggested that I might Google my brother’s name and all relevant information would probably be displayed.

We still laugh over the first trip Dan took with me to visit Norman. I gave him instructions where to make the turn. He zoomed right passed it. When I pointed out his error, he said, “That is not a road that is barely a driveway!”

Either by prestige or notoriety, most everyone in his community has at least heard of Norman. He knows just about everyone on a first name basis.

This familiarity became painfully clear this week. As he began his turn from “the driveway” onto the main highway, Norman collided with a friend. Neither saw the other coming. The impact was so severe it knocked the transmission from his truck. Both thankfully survived the crash.

Actions taken at the site of the accident were both tender and comical. The friends were not concerned about fault or property damage. They were first and foremost deeply and genuinely concerned for the other’s welfare.

Norman called home and instructed his wife Ruthie to call the insurance agent. Of course, fire and rescue crews where soon on the scene. That was to be expected. What was not usual or expected was the arrival of his insurance agent and the agent’s brother (no their names are not Darrell) the county coroner.

Even in pain and badly shaken, Norman’s humor rose to the occasion. He joked to the coroner; “I just ran over one friend, totaled both our vehicles and the coroner is already here. You know that really looks bad for me!”

We are so very thankful that such big hearts grow in small places!

 Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10

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Mrs. Mac said...

First off .. I so glad that both Norman and his friend are only shaken ... and both survived. Second, this story definitely has a humorous nature .. and sometimes .. that makes for a quick healing process.