Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today is our last day in Israel. We spent some time just looking out over the Sea of Galilee and reflecting. It is such a peaceful and healing place.

Caesar Hotel in Tiberias overlooks the old and new of the Sea of Galilee

Last morning at the Sea of Galilee

We will travel westward across Galilee, we visit Haifa and Mt. Carmel, the Biblical site of Elijah’s contest with the prophets of Baal.

Armageddon in the Jezreel Valley

Elijah vs. prophets of baal

We continue southward along the Way of the Sea to Caesarea, the Roman City of Herod where sights include Crusader fortifications and the Roman aqueducts and amphitheaters.

Roman aqueducts


Serious wind and sand storm. We had to hold on to each other to keep from blowing away!

Driving through the citrus groves and farms of the rich land of Sharon and Ancient Joppa on to the Sea where Jonah set sail, and where Peter raised Orcas from the dead we visit Joppa which was also  the home of Simon the Tanner.

Church of Annunciation

Sidewalk parking in Nazareth!

Our guide Johnny and family live in Nazareth.  We picked him up there on this last day.  Nazareth has one street.  That's right. One!  Traffic is a nightmare.  As a tourist, it is almost comical, but not so much to the residents. We visited the sight of Mary's well.

On the stormy Mediterranean Sea at Joppa; Tel Aviv in the background

Our last stop will be at a local restaurant for our Farewell dinner before departing for our late evening flight at Tel Aviv.

Our crew: Left to right: Driver and guide Johnny, guide Joseph and his driver.
As we watched the storm brewing from the window of our restaurant Dan noticed a tiny boat anchored.  It was taking a beating in the wind and rain as it was tossed about.  We thought of Jonah.  How frightened the occupants of that tiny boat were that night.  No wonder they threw him overboard.  It was just one of the many blessings God shared with us on this journey.  Yes.  Even amidst the storms!


Jada's Gigi said...

This looks like you had a n amazing trip!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure in the Holy Land. A trip of a life time for sure.

Deb said...

I have loved seeing all your photos! I was especially touched by the storm at sea and the little boat and the revelation of Jonah....I love it when the Holy Spirit brings something to mind like that. I pray you have a safe journey home!