Sunday, October 20, 2013


We are very much enjoying the cooler fall weather and beautiful foliage. With the days growing short and the nights longer, we really have to be creative to stay positive.  Neither of us are winter folks, but alas, such is life. Clearly winter is on her way.

With the fall come the leaf storms.  One thing I have put on our spring list is trimming the oak tree limbs that extend over our house. As much as we benefit from the summer shade, the onslaught of acorns rolling across our roof -- not so much.  At night it sounds like we are sleeping beneath a bowling alley.

One morning this week we spotted the deer twins feasting on the acorns in the front yard.  They looked like little lawn mowers as they made perfectly cleared lines back and forth across the yard. As they moved into the woods we could barely make them out.  They were only a few feet away but with their natural camouflage they blended right into the background.

A few weeks back I began a Bible study. It is the most unique one I have attended.  I recommend "No Other Gods" if you have the opportunity to experience it.  It is amazing how idols creep into our lives camouflaged in the world's wrappings. Each member of the Bible study group serves as hostess. The hostess for the week provides a meal for the group. Serving each other in this way is most rewarding. 

I can't see much physical change since I have taken up running.  It does do wonders for my mental health.  I pray and I worship as I enjoy the Father's handiwork.  Thursday, we were getting a little stir crazy.  As I ran I prayed, "Lord, give us some fun today." I had no sooner stepped inside when the phone rang.  Friends were calling wanting to take us out for lunch. Thank you Lord!

This same couple made another timely appearance while Dan was in the hospital.  Another friend wanted to take me down for a meal. I said I was not really hungry but would like a snack.  The elevator doors opened to find Mary and Shelvie standing with a snack basket for me!  

This particular couple is quiet and unassuming.  Since Dan's illness we have become aware of how much they do for others behind the scenes.  Their camouflage is simply the love and joy of serving with humility. They find accolades offensive.  They are beautiful angels serving others unaware.

When I begin to fret and worry I pray I will once again be reminded If He provides shelter, protection and food in abundance for His animals. Will He do any less for us?

He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble His way.
Psalm 25:9

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Crown of Beauty said...

Such a beautiful, inspiring post, Linda. I pray that Dan is getting better and stronger everyday. So glad I visited you today. Blessings...