Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Revenge of the Thanksgiving Turkey

Last year we were introduced by our church to the tradition of the “Hanging of the Greens”.  It was one of the most beautiful services ever.  We have looked forward to it again all year long. Sunday morning I awoke with the funk. I was to say at very the least very annoyed at missing this much anticipated event.

I was not alone in my misery.  When I dragged my disgruntled self to the convenient care I was told by the haggard nurses while it seemed to be a hundred, they actually had twenty five folks waiting when they opened.  We were all apparently suffering with the same ailment I dubbed -- revenge of the Thanksgiving turkey.  I am well into my antibiotics and feeling better but still wearing my cranky pants. 

Alas all is not lost.  One of the special events is the hanging of the Chrismons on the tree and explanation of the meaning of each. With much effort we finally found Chrismons on line.  One gentleman from Michigan still practices the lost art of crafting these ancient symbols of Christmas.  We spoke by email Thanksgiving Day and they arrived yesterday.  We ordered them unfinished. Dan put down his house trim and front door painting project and immediately set to work painting the Chrismons.  We do not choose to make them elaborate.  They will remain simple as lovingly crafted by their carpenter.  Large or small, plain or simple it matters not.  Each and everything points to Christ. Dan has chosen to paint them with white and gold.  We are exciting to have our first Chrismon Tree.
Mosiac Chrisoms
We received our first Christmas card of the season today from sis Rema!  A beautiful Poinsettia was delivered by a sweet neighbor Mr. J. “This is my traditional gift to the neighbors.”  His sleigh (golf cart) was filled with the crimson beauties.  There was barely room for his reindeer (dog) but they too were happily received. Mr. J filled me in on the neighborhood tradition of lighting luminaries.  We can’t wait to add that to our list of new Christmas customs.

As a side note, I did offer to make an even exchange with Mr. J.  I offered to trade our Christmas candy for his antique sports convertible.  He smiled back, “There is not enough candy in the world!”  Well, maybe we might catch an occasional ride if and only when the sun is shining. He can’t have his girl getting dirty or anything like that.

There are all the little annoyances that come in the form of flu bugs, weather, over booking and such to steal our joy.  But the good news is nothing can stop it. It is still the season of Good News!

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek.” Isaiah 61:1


Donna Carlin said...

What a beautiful job Dan has done on the ornaments. And you, Linda, are such a lovely lady,and I love reading your blogs!
- Donna

Linda Jackson said...

Thanks! Misa you so much! Are you signed up as a follower? :)