Thursday, December 26, 2013

Non Traditional Christmas

There is a group in our village called, "Community of Orphans". Village Voice staff writer Carole Sjolander writes, " They are not  orphans in the usual sense of the word--they simply have no family or none visiting, for the holiday." Rather than celebrate  alone, they join together. Everyone is welcome. The group is always changing.

We are traveling after Christmas this year.  In a sense we too were Christmas orphans.  We were not alone. Several friends gathered for an awesome Christmas Day celebration. Surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations we enjoyed a great meal. More that once bursts of laughter drowned out the Christmas music playing in the background. The hours passed quickly. Although we plan to see each other again soon, no one left before I love yous and warm hugs were shared.

My beautiful hubby, friends, decor and food!

We retrieved a member of our deacon family from the airport.  We were surprised when she introduced us to the unexpected guest that returned with her. Lolly her grand dog came home for a visit with Grandmother.  Lolly is an adorable Scottish Terrier. She was full of energy and the urgent need to relieve herself after the flight. While Grandmother's porter helped retrieve her luggage, we took Lolly for a walk. I dubbed hubby, Dan the deacon dog walking man.  Both Lolly and Grandmother are a joy.

Dan comforting Lolly on the drive home!

So it is. Christmas was not exactly traditional. The absence of loved ones weighed on our hearts. But Christmas is about His birthday.  Celebrating with those who love, respect and need us, two legged or four, is a very blessed Christmas.

“Who are my mother and my brothers?” Mark 3:31-35

(Jesus asked this rhetorical question at a time when his actual mother and brothers had come for him.  He answered this by sayting that it is those that do God's will who are His family--not necessarily his mother and brothers of the flesh at all.)


Crown of Beauty said...

What a heartwarming Christmas post this is, Linda. I was touched by the stories you shared here. It is a great idea to have other friends to celebrate Christmas with. Since I am an incurable dog lover, I loved the story about Lolly, and the photo too. I've been in the US 4 months already... here in beautiful Central Virginia. I missed celebrating with my own children and grandchildren this year, but it was a lovely Christmas with my sister and her husband and their son. Appreciated my visit to your blog today.

Linda Jackson said...

The best to you for a New Year full of love and all prayers anwered!

Anonymous said...

A very nice article, Linda ... perfect with the scripture! Happy New Year to you and DANO!