Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year 2014

Josh, Meg and Connor clearing drive for Mom~
We rang in the New Year with family again this year.  Our granddaughter Megan was born on New Year's Eve thirteen years ago!  Time certainly does pass quickly.  This year's celebration moved from it's traditional Dallas/Ft. Worth area to Virginia.
Dr. Son with much loved wife, mother and daughter in law, Becky.

With her Blue Ridge mountains and rolling hills, Virginia is a beautiful state. She along with her bordering states of Washington DC and Maryland boast a rich history of our young country.  As my daughter in law pointed out as, you could imagine a patriot, musket in hand taking cover behind the miles of hand made stone fences.  Equally the Potomac River evokes a greater appreciation of early defenders of our country. We viewed these places from the warmth of our vehicle. They had no such luxury against the bitter cold.


Some of the grand kids wanted to go ice skating--outside.  When we arrived at the rink, they decided maybe watching "Frozen" the movie was a better idea.  Thank you Lord! :)

Connor always the helper,helped Dad pick us up at the airport!

One of our outings took us to the National Harbor on the shores of the Potomac. The view was so beautiful I decided to walk along the waterfront.  The bitter cold quickly forced my retreat back into the warmth of the Gaylord. As the grandchildren participated in a scavenger hunt, we sat and enjoyed the view with a warm cup of cocoa. I fear I would not have fared well as a minute man.

Dr. Son, Toben, Joshua, Haley, Megan, Me and Papa D with Lily in front with "Gingy"

Baby it's cold outside!

A new year always calls for reflection.  We ponder the old year and make plans for the new. It would be wonderful if we could leave all the negative things behind us.  If we could somehow pass through a miraculous portal that erases the past with a clean slate for the new. The only hope for such transformation is through forgiveness and love granted from above.
Play dough with Lily and Joshua.  

I have a gift of saying the wrong thing at the worst possible time.  It is not purposeful. My heart is in the right place. My brain just doesn't always connect with it. There is often a total disconnect in my communication skills. Even haltingly auditing my words they still fail me.

Happy 13th Megan!

Rather than what we cannot change, we revel in the joys of life.  The celebrating of birthdays.  Walks with grandchildren. Watching grand babies take their first steps while another is preparing her wings for flight. Hugs from children and grandchildren are more precious than gold!

Youngest and oldest...Toben and Haley
Poor kid has nothing to play with.  

Baby Toben!  Would you ever guess he is the baby?  :)

When the first ice storm hit this winter, we lamented as to why we did not retire to a tropical paradise. The reminder came soon with a photo of our youngest grandchild.  Without prejudice, he is undoubtedly the most beautiful grandchild ever--at least not since the one before him. Sharing special moments with these precious ones is incentive to cope with frigid temperatures.  Well, at least for a minute!

You crown the year with your bounty and your carts overflow with abundance.
Psalm 65:11


Crown of Beauty said...

I agree with everything you wrote in this lovely post. I too am in Virginia... visiting family and having dental treatment as well. Been here four months. Beautiful commonwealth of Virginia with a historic past and lovely scenery. Where everything has a touch of class. And your photos are amazing. THe baby is indeed the cutest, next to my very own Elijah, of course. (Smile). Sending you warm love on a cold January morning.

Linda Jackson said...

Thanks. Enjoy your stay~ :)

Mrs. Mac said...

A beautiful family .. you have the start to a great new year filled with lots of great memories. I enjoyed reading your post.