Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bitter and Sweet

Our youngest grandchild.  Thank God his parents are pro-life!

This week my friend Marianne and I traveled by car to Washington, DC to attend the 2014 March for Life. Not to say we were determined, but Marianne calculated the miles she had driven at 2,163.6. What a great compatibility test a road trip would be for a couple considering marriage.  At the end you will either love or hate each other. Thankfully this trip endeared Marianne to me. Her passion for life both encourages and challenges me in my personal commitment.

Nurses for Life:  Carol, Jocelyn, Marianne

We were happily sailing along on our journey when we began receiving winter storm warnings.  The closer we got to the DC area the worse the conditions. Thankfully we finally arrived at our destination in Alexandria, VA safely albeit a bit frazzled.  Poor Marianne, I kept yammering away about how beautiful the snow covered mountains were as she did all the treacherous driving.

Supreme Court Washington DC

All other plans except the actual march itself went out the window.  We hunkered down in the warmth and safety of "Winter Wonderland" or the condo of friends Zach and Jocelyn Winter. This brother and sister are an awesome testament to their faith. Their hospitality is much appreciated.

Jocelyn sporting a bright red nose!

In spite of the deep freeze in Washington, the turn out of marchers did not seem to be terribly deterred. The scores of young faces were most encouraging. Among the 600,000 walkers, the majority were under the age of 25! Thank God, this IS the pro-life generation. They are equipped with the benefit of proven science, that abortion stops a beating heart as early as 22 days after conception.  There is no denying the fact abortion stops a beating heart.  Abortion ends a life.

The only part of me not covered!

My husband and I love animals. No animal should be mistreated.  It does concern us when more emphasis is placed on prevention of animal abuse than the torture and death of the human animal. Is the human race not valuable enough to be equally protected and preserved?

Welcome home bouquet from my precious husband!

We also agree with protecting and preserving our environment.  The Lord has given us a beautiful world to live in and we should value it.  It is heartbreaking when we are more concerned with throwing away plastics and such but don't think twice about destroying and discarding a human baby.

One of the arguments of the pro-abortion activists is that the pro-life side does nothing to help prevent pregnancies or offer help for those in a crisis pregnancy. Pregnancy help centers are in every community in America.  Help is just a phone call away. There is no basis for this argument either. There are thousands of mothers who are begging for the blessing of a baby. Choosing abortion denies the right of a child to live and have the family we all hope for. Adoption is an unselfish act of love for a child. Abortion is cruel and selfish.

There is a lot of rhetoric being tossed around these days. Like reproductive rights. Of course everyone has the right to reproduce.  We do certainly have the right to decide what we want to do with our own bodies. Oh wait. What about those pesky Threat of Harm laws?  We do not have the moral right to destroy the life of another.

The point of execution in this country is also debated.  No doubt egregious errors are made and falsely accused have been executed.  Even the guilty that have chosen to break laws punishable by death, still have the court system to defend their cause.  The unborn do not.

This is a moral obligation of everyone-particularly those of us professing the Christian faith. If the Christian community walked the walk, abortion would be virtually non-existent. We are called to defend life.  We are also called to defend, protect and provide for widows and orphans. Not only are we to educate and promote abstinence we are called to forgive and restore.

The medical profession too often place unnecessary fear in expectant mothers.  They are often advised to have tests to determine if the child should be allowed to carry to term. Let's try to wrap out heads around that one.  Who of us is perfect?  What if another person felt we were too flawed to deserve to live? Where does it end?  There is talk of post birth abortion. Is this not the definition of murder?

I do not easily share my abortion experience. Whether my child could have survived or not I will ever know. I will forever live with the regret of my choice. If opening my heart to my deep pain of loss helps another in their healing or saves a life, it is worth it. The trip to DC was bitter and sweet.  The weather was bitter cold. It was a sweet joy to see so many young folks fighting for life.  It was a bitter pill to see a few opposing life in graphic self defacing manners

One person can make big difference in abolishing abortion without changing the laws of this nation.  Take a public stand.  Make sure every person knows you are available to help with any crisis pregnancy. We can be the pro life generation!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.  Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.  Psalm 227:3-5

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