Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Stress

Clearly this has been an unusual winter everywhere. Since November we have been pelted with ice and snow.  We are thankful for breaks of sunshine in between assaults.

When worship hour arrived yesterday, there was drizzling rain but comfortable.  Several friends went to lunch afterwards. By that time there was a torrential downpour.  By lunch end, there was freezing rain and the trees were already showing distress from the ice. Shivering from the cold, we quickly changed into our flannel, hopped under the covers and napped.....all afternoon!

Another beautiful photo by Joe Coker.
This is just the way I love my snow and a picture!

Today it was cold but sunny. Our streets were clear so I headed out for my afternoon jaunt, I suddenly found myself pelted with falling ice.  The sun was melting the trees here at the bottom of the mountain enough to unleash tiny missiles.  In the distant mountain the trees were still blanketed with ice.

Typically January is a stressful month.  November and December are filled with the hustle and bustle of family, friends, traveling and rich food.  It is no wonder our bodies go into physical and emotional detox in January.  The dreary cold and dark days only worsen the scenario.

Ski Dubai
Indoor ski lifts and mountains.

Dan was talking about buying a condo in Florida.  I don't know about that but I was thinking what I might do if I had money to burn.  I have visions of creating a climate controlled home.  How wonderful it would be to have sunshine and ocean waves with a click of a control?  Futuristic you say? The future is hear. In Dubai United Arab Emirates there is an indoor ski resort with mountains. The West Edmonton (Alberta Canada) Mall holds the Guinness World record for the largest indoor show on earth.  Among it's bragging rights is the worlds largest indoor wave pool.
West Edmonton Mall
My sentiment exactly boys!
So if you can have a ski resort in the desert and a wave pool in the Arctic, why not in Casa Jackson? Unfortunately, I don't have the millions to make my personal vacation on demand home--yet. When I do---ya'll come any time you hear?

I am about to do something new.  It is beginning to happen even now.  Don't you see it coming?  I am going to make a way for you to go through the desert.  I will make streams of water in the dry and empty land.  Isaiah 43:19

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