Friday, February 28, 2014

Women of the World Recovery Weekend

I am back to my home blog.  I hope you have followed along on my “Tidbit Journey” over on The Sisters of the Traveling Scarf blog.

My sweet husband is cleaning up the dinner dishes. It is wet and cold outside. No news flash there. He says washing dishes warms him up.  I am happy to help.  After all, I did prepare one of his favorite meals.  Okay, so I didn’t exactly slave away with the deli rotisserie chicken but I did boil up a couple of sides. While Dan is warming up at the kitchen sink, I thought I would catch up.

We knew we would pay for the few days of sunshine.  As soon as the sweet little daffodils show their smiles, the cold zaps them.  It happens. One of our friends from a near city reports sleet in 50 degree weather.  She also claims to see folks carrying signs with “The End Is Near”.  It sounds plausible don’t you think?

The Lord willing and snow and ice doesn’t deter, we will be in New York this time next Friday in the midst of our Women of the World Recovery Weekend.  We are so excited to have women coming from the other side of the world to attend.  No doubt, God will show up for them.  Your prayers are coveted by us all.

I am humbled and honored to be a small part of this awesome team of women. They have worked diligently and sacrificially in putting this weekend together.  Their hearts are as big as the world they care so much for.

Calvary Church and The Salisbury Hotel in Manhattan are sponsoring this weekend.  They are generously providing room and board at no cost to the participants.  They could have just as easily given these room and suites to guests of the United Nations and made thousands of dollars.  We are so very appreciative of their willingness to share God’s love in such a tremendous way. If you are ever in New York, please book with them. Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Times Square to name a few iconic places are nearby. They are very accommodating and reasonably priced.

The idea for next weekend was actually birthed this time last year at the United Nations. Many have worked and prayed long hours to see this come to fruition. We are very excited but still pinch ourselves that the time has arrived.

Again, we covet your prayers. Please pray for traveling mercies, health, provision, and sweet spirits in this healing weekend.  Lastly, we wouldn’t mind beautiful sunny days over New York for the next couple of weeks Lord. 

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted.  He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted, to announce liberty to captives, and to open the eyes of the blind.  He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of God's favor to them has come, and the day of His wrath to their enemies. To all who mourn in Israel He will give; beauty for ashes; joy instead of mourning; praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for his own glory.  Isaiah 61:1-3 


Mrs. Mac said...

What an amazing ministry Linda. Your 'small part' is part of something big and important! Have a blessed Lord's Day.

Crown of Beauty said...

Linda, I did enjoy all your Tidbits post... got to know you a bit better that way too. Spring is in the air. I am sure all those flowers and new life bursting forth will bring fresh hope to all of you after the long winter months. New York... thanks for the tip. Salisbury Hotel seems a nice place to stay. I love Central Park, and was at the Times Square Church last November when I visited there. Glad to connect with you again. Shalom, friend.