Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Judgement Free

Since my favorite niece (named Lori) via facebook proclaimed this to be judgement free day, I will share mine with you all. 

This morning I went for my annual physical.  Don’t we all look so forward to those?  The doctor typed away answers to questions. She asked what kind of exercise I had been doing.  When I replied I had been running, she stopped dead in her typing tracks.  “What??  Did you say run?”  Timidly I reaffirmed my previous answer. “Youuu?  Realllly?  Wow!   I mean that’s great!”  She acted like she had never seen an elephant in running shoes before.  Really!

We are still in the midst of an arctic blast.  I reminded heaven that this was indeed the sunny south.  No doubt all of heaven turned on their heels to say thank you Linda for the reminder.  In spite of the fact we are on the same power source as all Village emergency services, our power went out for several hours last night.  Scary huh?

The power had been flickering all night long. When the lights went totally out I fully expected it to be a few minutes.  After waiting impatiently in the dark a bit I finally decided to resort to emergency lighting—matches.  I fumbled my way around the corners of the pitch dark rooms until I finally found them.  Then it hit me---I had my cell phone in my pocket.  You know the one with the bright light?

As I left for church tonight I was still a bit gun shy about the power stability.  No worries, I thought.  I will leave the porch light on in case the power is out when I get home.  That way I can see my way to unlock the front door.

No doubt power lines and trees aren’t the only things iced up. Today put a new spin on the term brain freeze.  Remember… judgement!

 Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgement."
John 7:26



Mrs. Mac said...

We're in the brain freeze zone out in Northern Idaho. You go girl! Stay safe.

Deb said... leaving the porch light on to light the way in a power outage...that is something I would try! ha!!

Linda Jackson said...

Hahaha! Love to you all and stay safe and warm! :)