Sunday, October 30, 2011

Angel’s Play Date

Angel and "Little" Lab puppy.

Recently two houses in our neighborhood went up for sale. As you would expect, we prayed for them to sell promptly and to good folks. Both houses sold within the month to two great young families.

Not only were we pleased, Angel dog has happily acquired new play mates. The neighbor next door has a black lab puppy. Add a German shepherd and white Husky to the mix equals hours of fun and frolic. Yesterday they had a great time tugging and chasing a sock. (We are hoping the owner of said sock enjoyed it too.)

In a few short years Angel has gone from being the youngster in the neighborhood to the elder. Even though she has a great time playing with the younger neighbors, she does more sitting than running. Having contact with other animals is great exercise for the body and her spirit.

After a hard day of play, she was ravenous. She loves vegetable lasagna as much as we do. When we placed the tray of leftovers on the deck, she attacked holding it down with her paws inside. It would be a shame to miss a single morsel.

The need for relationship with others is innate. We are blessed to have wonderful friends and church family in our community. Like Angel, we seem to have shifted to the older side in our friendships. We love sharing a meal and play with our “younger” friends. Also, like Angel, we find the need to take some time outs. We look forward to our coveted Sunday afternoon naps.

Sunday is a time of worship, fellowship, sharing the newspaper, and afternoon walks or bike riding. That is our version of sock tugging. Now for the cherry on top of our Sunday – nap time!

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Psalm 133:1 (KJV)



Becky said...

cute puppies. our dog louise likes to eat what we eat, too. have a great day.

Crown of Beauty said...

Another lovely post... I love dogs too. The photo of Angel holding down the lasagna tray was so heartwarming. My doggies do that too!