Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dial Up vs. High Speed

           A friend once made an observation about my memory. She said to me, “Mrs. Linda, some folks are on high speed connection, you still may be set on dial up.” We had a good laugh but as the years pass I find myself in good company.

           This weekend my husband gathered with his high school friends for their 45th reunion. Most of us there were on dial up mode. It was so wonderful to see folks still delighted to see each other; some for the first time since graduation. That is, once they figured out who each other were!

           Name tags were a great help the first night they gathered together. Under the cloak of darkness, they had excuses when incorrect names were called or completely forgotten; repeatedly. A mild panic arose Saturday when the name tag crutch was removed in the light of day. A sigh of relief filled the room when name tags were put back into action at the dinner meal.

           There may have been a pecking order back in the youth of high school. At this reunion of dear friends, all were on an equal playing field. Everyone, for the most part, was on dial up. The years have made them more appreciative of life and friendship. They took time to remember and honor their classmates who had passed.

          Memories may have faltered at names and faces but happy memories shared from youth, made them one. There were four friends in attendance who had been school mates of Dan's from first grade through twelfth. What a wonderful thing to cherish. Is there any wonder that the word “friend” is found ninety times in the Bible?

Friends since the 1st grade!

          There is something to be said about dial up. The slowing down of our hectic lives and taking a leisure weekend walking down memory lane with beloved friends is a priceless gift. I would say that trumps high speed any day of the week.

            Genuine friends must be cherished and not forsaken (Prov. 27: 10).

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