Thursday, October 6, 2011

Special Needs

A precious few from our church has formed what they call “The Barnabas Group.” Their mission is to minister to families with special needs adults. They are hosting a concert to benefit these families. They have given many complimentary tickets just to bless and encourage them. We have many friends and family that include these special gifts from God.

I felt compelled to ask my friends and family to make a donation toward this event in lieu of birthday cards. Since my 60th birthday falls on the day of the concert, I am sure I will receive one or two tacky cards. I would like to say they are underserved but will have to admit to sending one or two in my day. Well, maybe a few more.

I thanked God for being so blessed with healthy children. Immediately the words came back, “Families without healthy children are blessed too!” I began to realize the times the words I speak innocently but carelessly can offend or wound. I asked God to place a watch over my mouth so that I may speak only encouraging words.

In honor of our special occasions where presents are usually exchanged, we will be making donations as God directs us. I can think of no better gift to give or receive.

“Guard My Mouth, Keep Watch Over The Door My Lip
Psalm 141: 1-10

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