Friday, February 17, 2012

Breaking the Rules

One might think having a birthday next to a holiday like Valentines Day would be a real bummer. Our bodies cannot handle celebrating two nights in a row so we double up on one of those days! (Don't you love the new math?)

One of my gifts to Dan was taking my vehicle to the car wash. Those of you who know my Danno, this is a very big deal. He is not only a car guy; he is a clean car guy fanatic. Whether rain, sleet or snow, Saturday’s are for car detailing and polishing shoes. Apparently it is a Jackson tradition handed down for generations.

Dan had a great birthday.  He received many greetings from family and friends far and wide.  One particularly greeting came in the form of a card with fire truck sirens blaring; to put out his candles of course.  He called me at work for me to listen to it.  Our hearts are warmed and over flowing with your love and kindness to us.

This year his birthday fell on Wednesday, the night we travel to Grace Mission. Generally the guests fast from Wednesday night until the following evening. They were thrilled with Dan’s opening comments.

He told the group he had finally decided he may not ever be exactly six feet tall on this side of the earth, but he was content to remain “fun sized”. He illustrated by holding a mini snickers bar, another held a medium sized bar and the third a tall or king sized bar. The group was delighted when candy bars were passed around for everyone.

Unbeknown to him, the residents and staff had planned a special birthday celebration for Danno. A large German chocolate cake was prepared with the words, “R U six feet yet?”

One of the guests laughingly said, “Wow! We get chocolate twice on a fast day!” Sometimes it is good to break the rules.

Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green
Psalm 92:14

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