Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time Card

I can’t seem to get a handle on my time management lately. I have all good intentions of completing my things to do list; then I find the day has passed, list intact. One of my favorite hobbies, writing, has fallen by the wayside.

I have been working more hours than usual. The center I volunteer with has an awesome close knit group of volunteers. There has been illness, accidents, family deaths and the such preventing them from their usual shift.

Several close friends have lost loved ones; others are in a battle with late stage cancer. When I was in my personal battle, it was the day to day things I missed the most. So, now I do lunch. As I have said before, much can be shared offer a cup of coffee. In the comfort of friends we can let down our guard and share whatever is truly in our hearts. We have dubbed them “therapeutic lunches.”

Yesterday I was determined if nothing else, to dust the house. It is my least favorite chore. Why I don’t know; probably because it takes so long. I used the furniture cleaning recipe from a fellow blogger. The sun peeked through the window to find shiny clean surfaces. The recipe worked beautifully, but sadly I still hate dusting!

In our Bible Study Fellowship group, we ladies have discussed the subject of time management a lot. We are committing our time to the Lord. As we have our quite time, we are asking God to direct our time to best serve His purposes.

God does not intend us to be slave to anything. That includes housework and even ministry. Too often in my busyness I can forgot about what is truly important. Time is a precious gift; much too valuable to waste. Dust will be here forever. Those we love, no.

I am praying God will restore my gift of organization. It’s a process obviously. On our recent trip to Nashville, I purchased several lovely post cards. They are now in that safe place I cannot locate. In searching for them, I did find post cards from a trip from last year!

And there is my adult sized attention deficient disorder. My focus easily gets derailed. My husband likes a certain brand of socks that can only be purchased at a department store in the mall. I have wondered if it is because one foot has the brand name of the sole. That way he can remember left foot, right foot.

As I am shopping my cell phone rang. It was my sweet husband Dan. “What are you doing?” I proudly explained to him, super wife that I am, I was shopping for his socks. He replied: “Thank you honey! So have you found them there in the women’s department?” I was so totally busted!

4 O Lord, help me understand my mortality

and the brevity of life!

Let me realize how quickly my life will pass!

5 Look, you make my days short-lived,

and my life span is nothing from your perspective.

Surely all people, even those who seem secure, are nothing but vapor.

Psalm 39:4-5

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