Monday, November 11, 2013

We the people....

Today is Veterans Day.  At church yesterday all the vets were asked to stand.  I was amazed how many men and women rose to their feet.  We were both humbled and proud of their service to our country.

Our dear friends Agnes and Jerry were dressed patriotically. Jerry was in full uniform..  Theirs is a large military family.  Both men and women serve proudly and sacrificially. Petite Agnes worked on military vehicles.  We tease that she was small enough to drop inside of the engines.  Agnes is small in stature but large in heart and devotion.  A youngster was intrigued with Jerry's uniform.  He asked if he was a general or something Obviously Jerry was very touched at the youngster's admiration.
Jerry and Agnes

Other friends John and Nancy are also retired military.  They still work tirelessly for this country they love so.  Both are active in the political scene.  They work for those who are honorable in their personal endeavors to serve this country. Equally they hold accountable those who are not.

John and Nancy (in red)

I often think of great nephew Barry who was murdered in Iraq at such a young age.  I wonder what more he may have accomplished in his life. No doubt whatever his direction, he would have given it his all. When I hear folks ask when closure will come for his family, my personal response is his void will never be filled. His loved ones will with the Grace of God get through his loss. They will never get over his loss. We should never forget about his sacrifice or the evil that perpetrated his murder.

The same evil still exists.  He flaunts himself in our faces daily.  Our military have and do battle it daily. We too should always be in the state of battle.  America has become a nation of "me" rather than "we". Are we not all just sick of "me the people" attitude in our state and national capitols?  So often I want to scream "grow up" to those we have elected to defend our rights.

Lord please help us to have the courage, wisdom and fortitude to take back this country. Together America will be "we the people" once again. We have the privilege and the responsibility to carry on for those who have given so much. May we never forget to honor them and carry on in their behalf.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for his own inheritance.  Psalm 33:12

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