Friday, March 22, 2013

Blackened Bagels

It seems my ADD gets more pronounced as I get older. After playing phone tag with my old long term friend Ladonna, we spoke for over an hour this morning. I shared about the UN trip and she all that was going on in her world.

She like so many of us is pondering what direction to go in next. What would God have me do? The bottom line to our conversation was to put a for sale sign in the yard. While we are waiting just start walking – He will guide our steps. It sounds simple enough. But it is not always so clear. We are human. We desire to hear clearly God’s voice but often are just not sure.

I have shared before how artistically gifted Ladonna is. At the UN many pieces of art from various nations in many forms are displayed. I find one in particular of great interest. I would be most curious as to your comments on this one.

Later I will share miscellaneous pictures from our trip. As always God has a way of putting an explanation point to the end of our journeys. He sends us a special kiss in the way of a gentle message from Heaven, “I gotcha!”
Transportation by taxi in New York City is an adventure within itself. Mix in the ice and snow---it WILL bring you closer to God! God did give us a beautiful clear but cold sunny weekend. Tuesday, my departure date, brought along torrential rain. I asked the doorman if he could find a trustworthy cab driver to take an old lady to the airport alone. He whispered to me, “Our limo is parked out front. Would you like to take it for cab fare?” What?? Do you have to ask? Thank you Lord for this rainbow! It was better than a pair of sneakers after walking in stilettos all day!

Now I love blackened fish and blackened chicken. My ADD kicked in this morning. I put bagels in the toaster and forgot them. A new dish---blackened bagels was created. I do not recommend it. I will spare you the photo of this carnage. I know you are grateful!

If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority. John 7:17

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