Saturday, March 16, 2013

United Nations - Winding Down

 "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night" shall keep us from walking down Broadway.  No Dan, not ' broad away'  Cute that husband of mine!!  :0)

Dan and I took a sunset cruise this evening. We hadn’t really intended on going so late but our afternoon nap ran late putting us behind. You will hear it here first--the wind actually broke Dan’s hair today! That has never happened before. The warm breeze and sunny skies are healing to the soul! Come on spring!

Several have asked how so many nations and tongues communicate at the United Nations. I wasn’t sure either. They have a pretty nifty way of doing that. Each station is equipped with a head set and a machine from which you may select your preferred language. Whatever tongue is being spoken translates to your choice. This little small town gal thought that was just the cat’s meow!

And no....southern was not a dialect choice. sigh..

After our presentation was complete, it was time to wind down some. Pauly was leaving early Sunday and wanted to experience some of the city. We walked down Broadway's Times Square. First order of business was hamburgers and shakes at Ellen's Stardust Diner. The food was great and the entertainment first rate. If you don’t have the time for a Broadway show; this is a definite runner up.

New York at night

Pauly with server/singer at Stardust

After our burgers we began our stroll back to the hotel. We stopped in several shops bursting into bouts of giggles for no apparent reason. Except that laughter is good medicine and we needed a healthy dose. One stop was the M&M store. Like so many places in NYC, it was ridiculous. There is three floors of every shape size and concoction of M&M gifts including "live" dancing ones.
Pauly had a great time dancin' with the help!

Saturday morning Lillian joined us for the day. We left mid morning for the Mike Huckabee show on FOX. The weather was nice and FOX was only a few blocks away. We visited with him for quite awhile. He was never in a hurry and took time with each of us. When I addressed him as Mr. President, he laughed. I told him we were working on forgiving him. He may be away from Arkansas but he is not removed from it. It was clear he was very well informed with all that was happening in the legislature. In between breaks in the show, he walked over and chatted casually. And thank you “Mr. President” for lunch. (Name dropper I am!)

Gov. Huckabee, me and sweet Lillian

After the show, we took the subway to the 911 Memorial. The subway was another NYC experience Pauly had on her list. She now agrees, once is more than enough. The fountains are beautifully done. The museum is not open yet but we could peer through the glass to look at the few remnants of steel from the twin towers.

A somber but beautiful moment---both beauty and devastation reflected upon the waters.

We ventured on to Battery Park which overlooks the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately the Lady is closed for repairs from Sandy’s damage. Next visit, time and weather allowing, I would like to take a harbor tour. We had our subway experience; time to take a taxi back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we rested. It was a beautiful day and I took the opportunity to stroll through Central Park and taste a vendor hot dog. Again, as I watched families playing, skating and picnicking together, I was reminded that we are all the same. I walked over to Time Square Mall. It is massive and overlooks Central Park. I stopped in the mall to sit have a cup of coffee and enjoy the park from on high. I heard someone say, “Ya’ll”. I followed the accent to the family sitting next to me. They were from Jackson, MS. It is truly a very small world.

Beautiful day in Central Park... Thank you Lord for the reprieve from the snow and ice!

During our walk Saturday night we “happened” upon Times Square Church, pastored by the late David Wilkerson. Although the doors were locked and services in progress, we were allowed entry. The gentlemen kindly let us tour the beautiful foyer of this stately old theatre turned worship center. He asked is we would be in town for the weekend. When we replied yes, he told us Nicky Cruz was in town for a visit and would be speaking Sunday night. We were so excited at this unexpected blessing.

Beautiful Times Square Church (Formerly Mark Hellinger Theatre)
8000 people representing 100 plus nationalities worshiping together--a taste of Heaven!

The weekend weather was clear, sunny and mild. We were blessed and happy as we started back to our hotel after the worship. Lillian had joined us along with Millie, Alan and Arleen. Not ready for the weekend to end, we stopped off at a restaurant called AppleJack Diner. It is Greek but they have every dish imaginable. The staff was hilarious. We enjoyed them as much as the food. Some places are just like home away from home. We would be visiting again soon. But it was time for rest and to gear up for another day of work at the UN.

For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward. Mark 9:41

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