Sunday, March 17, 2013

Space Bags and Other Ramblings

While preparing for my trip we hit upon the idea of packing with space bags. You know the plastic bags you hook your vacuum to and suck out the air? The space saving wasn’t exactly as we expected but what else is new right? Upon retrieving my luggage in Newark, I found it soaked through and through. Thank goodness for the sealed bags. Otherwise I may have had mildewed clothes. That is not a happy thought.

Luggage anyone?

Apparently my luggage was de-iced too?
 I just put our down comforter in a bag and reduced it down for storage. I love my comforter—Dan hates it—thus stored. The thought occurred in my brain; what if there was a body bag we could zip ourselves up in and suck all the fat out. Now really, how awesome would that be?

We all are stereotyped in one way or the other. I forget where I was when the question was asked but someone asked where I was from. They said, “You don’t sound like you are from Arkansas. Why don’t you talk like Paula Deen?” My reply, “Honey, if I made the millions Paula Deen made I would not only talk like her I would be willing to lick my fingers too!”

The very observant Pauly often sat up front with the taxi drivers. We listened to her perky self engaging in conversations with them. They loved her down to earth sincere heart. “Hey, where are all the pick ups?” she asked one day. The driver puzzled, “Picking ups? What?” Upon further explanation he said, “Oh, the Russians in Brooklyn use them.” We hope, for construction.

Speaking of our Pauly, she has written a wonderful book on healing from sexual abuse and trauma. Check it out! You can get your digital copy of Puppy Kisses & Butterfly Wings for only $3.99 at

Our newest member of the helpline staff is Arleen. I actually take credit for praying her in. We need more Spanish speaking staff and I prayed more would be sent. Arleen was born to a Puerto Rican Mom and a Chinese Dad. One day heavily wrapped up in clothing to shield us from the cold, we were schlepping along with shopping bags. I commented we looked like bag ladies. “Excuse me, she says, the correct term is Puerto Rican luggage thank you.” Yet another great laugh from her quick wit. Love, love this new friend and colleague we do!

Cartier watch- $4950.00....not even in my WILDEST dreams!

While greeting and networking at another presentation, I felt someone touch my wrist in the crowd. I turned to find a gentleman next to me. He said he was admiring my Cartier watch. He wanted to know where I purchased it. “Umm….Wal-Mart?” Later when I discovered my “Cartier” missing, Arleen suggested perhaps another person admired it so much they took it right off my arm. “This IS New York!” Gifted they are. I did later find my watch inside some clothing when unpacking. (Finding weird things inside of clothing after 60 is a story for another blog. Sigh.)

Thank you Lord for friends who laugh, work, cry with you and love you inspite of our human frailties!

"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind, let each esteem other better than himself,” Philippians 2:3

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Crown of Beauty said...

It has been a while since I last came by your blog. Am glad I visited. I enjoyed the stories you shared, and it feels good to keep in touch.

The book on healing from sexual abuse sounds interesting. Good title!