Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hope Restored


       Wow! What a busy week it has been. I can hardly believe it is Thursday night already! Monday was spent on yard work. It seems every year it grows in size. Do you think my legs are growing shorter? Tuesday we were excited to have Dan's brother Alan stay overnight with us. Wednesday was a day filled with meetings. Friday and Saturday nights are both fund raising events. Sunday there will be worship of course and a celebratory gathering of friends for a wedding shower. Plans are then for my travel to visit with siblings and two of the greatest aunts ever!

      With all of the events of the week, today has been one of my very best of days. Two young ladies with the love and support of family realized they could parent their children. Words cannot describe how hope can totally rejuvenate one. The opportunity to watch the metamorphosis of one that is brokenhearted and hopeless to come to a place of joy, peace and hope restored, is a blessing beyond measure.

      I realized just how busy I had been when I found my husband, the high tech hater, sitting at my desk struggling to send his very own emails! He thinks he could become quite efficient, if he just didn't have to sit still! Good job Danno! 

Lam 3:25 (NIV) The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him.

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