Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Special Easter Celebration

      Easter has always been my favorite holiday and spring time my favored season of the year. As the earth is recuperating from the winter and budding signs of spring rejuvenates our minds, Easter rejuvenates our souls.  We are reminded of the hope we have of new beginnings and the promise of an eternal future.

      Not so surprising when I was diagnosed with cancer the eve of the Easter season nine years ago, I chose to put off treatment in order to celebrate with my family.  Typically we do not include the "Easter Bunny" in our Easter celebration.  It is a particularly special season of honor and reverence to our Savior..

      Son Michael flew in from Dallas with his oldest child, Haley.  Our daughter in law Becky had just given birth to their second child Megan but typically generous, encouraged them to come. Daughter Misty and the rest of the family clan joined us.  In spite of the cloud of an uncertain future looming overhead, we had a wonderful weekend.

     Since this was such a special Easter, we decided to play the role of "Easter Bunny" just this one time.  Dan sneaked an overly stocked basket onto the front porch, rang the door bell and raced around through the back of the house. We asked Haley to answer the bell for us raising her immediate suspicion.  She stood; puzzled no one was at the door. Finally, she cautiously picked up the basket. When asked who had been at the door, she thought a minute and as a big smile crossed her face with the wisdom of a three year old exclaimed, "SANTA CLAUS!"   So much for the bunny!


They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams. Isaiah 44:4


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