Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Thousand Hills

      I just returned from visiting with siblings and aunts in North Mississippi. The Bible speaks of God’s ownership of cattle on a thousand hills. As usual, my mind turns to a different tune. I relate this ownership as vast wealth. On my trip I was thinking of the thousand hills in our lives. Surely there are many hills and valleys, hurts, sorrows and thankfully joy. Our Aunts Lizzie and Eula are having a lot of health valleys these days but they own many cattle. They possess great wealth in the love and admiration from “Johnnie’s kids”.

      Brother Norman and Niece Cheryl visited the church of our childhood and the home of our family’s final resting place. We shared a few of our happier childhood memories. Founded in 1852, it is such a beautiful and serene place. Cheryl and I agree, “A place to sit and soothe one’s soul”. Many of our hurts and disappointments seem to melt into thanksgiving at being a part of this historical place.

       Just like churches, families also have mixed histories. They disagree; wound each other and often even fracture. But they can find the way, through the Grace of God to re-establish anew.

      It has been said our lessons from history are unlearned. It is my prayer that we begin to learn and make better families and thereby a better world to live in.

      We all own cattle on a thousand hills. Memories just fade sometimes. Remind us Lord.

....... for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.
Psalm 50:10 (NIV)


caitlyn said...

uh,this is great(:
i absolutely love these people(:
especially pops.
i love you guys(:
hope all is well.

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