Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Like Home

     Last winter Dan felt a sense of urgency in connecting with his childhood friends. The agreed meeting time was this past weekend at one of our favorite places, Petit Jean Mountain. She is outranked only by the presence of children and children's children!

              Typically I am an extreme introvert and uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments.  I was uneasy about this trip. What could I possibly talk about with folks I had little or no history with? Would they resent my being there?  Would my presence be a hindrance in their freely sharing memories with each other? Another curve ball was thrown when Dan was summoned to a mandatory company meeting on Saturday leaving me alone for several hours. I reasoned, since it is one of my favorite things to do, I could spend the time hiking our beloved mountain. As it turns out, there was only time for a very brief walk.

            Even absent of make up and flat iron for my curling hair in tornadic weather conditions, I immediately felt a part of this closely knit group. Friends and spouses alike were genuinely excited and happy to see each other.  They are loving folks with quick wit and deep moral fiber.  There was a general consensus each had a reverent fear of their parents.  Not a fear of punishment, but of disappointing those held dear to their hearts. Clearly a mutual love and respect for parents and each other still remains.

          Their tales of "rowdiness" consisted of riding their bicycles past time for church services. This caused such alarm, a search party was dispatched. Another told of packing into one vehicle and test driving the newly constructed interstate. It was truly a more innocent time.  Those were the days when things were black and white. There was a very distinct line between right and wrong.  A time when children played outside from sunrise until the street lights came on without concern.  The community was a family unit.
           When Dan and I met, it was like coming home. True love and respect is just that. Home is a place you can let your hair down or take it off.  At home you can wear those cut off jeans and t-shirts you had in junior high and still feel like the king or queen of the manor!  It really should have not been such a surprise to love these friends. Just as with Dan and I, this group was like coming home.

          This group of friends recognizes what a unique and rich blessing they possess.  No doubt they will forever hold a reverent fear of each other!

He that is a friend loveth at all times: and a brother (sister) is proved in distress. Proverbs 17:17

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