Friday, May 21, 2010

Two and A Quarter Dogs

Things have been deafeningly quite at our house the last few days. Normally our back yard is filled to overflowing with commotion from our Two and A Quarter Dogs.


On a cool November day near our lake house, we happened upon Angel injured and abandoned. She quickly became a loyal member of our family. I had previously shared a dream of God sending an Angel to Dan. Being part lab, Angel chewed everything, even air conditioning units leaving Dan to wonder if I had heard the name “Devil” not Angel. Just as all things do, she grew and passed through this phase.

Angel and Taco

A few years ago we inherited my mother in law's Chihuahua, Taco. He was a gift from father in law Neil to wife Mary. After Mary passed away, Taco meant even more to Neil. When Taco went to visit Neil at the nursing home, his face would light up. The older he gets, he seems to get more spunky and comical. And yes, he is our Quarter Dog. And compared to the other two, just barely that.

Last summer son Michael brought our German shepherd Grand Dog, Sarah to live with us. Sarah was a part of our family before the arrival of grandchildren. Living fifteen plus years, she was in ailing health and grieving over the loss of her long time companion, a Rottweiler named Bo. Unexpectedly, there were major territorial issues at the beginning. Further surprising, typically the sweet non-aggressive personality Sarah claimed her place as head of the pack.

One day, Angel was trying her best to engage Sarah in a game of catch. Angel would run up and drop the ball and race away. Sarah just looked at her like, “Hey man, it is YOUR ball.” Even when Angel dropped the ball right under her nose, she just looked at her and lay back down.

When Taco became just too annoying, Sarah would just simply place her relatively massive paw compared to Taco’s size, over him which held him firmly in place until he calmed down.

Sarah was not a fan of thunder storms. Her first stormy night with us, Sarah, frightened lay in front of Taco and Angel’s kennel rather than taking safety in her own. Amazingly, the turf war came to a halt as Taco and Angel both left the security of their beds and lay on either side of Sarah to comfort her.

The last few weeks Sarah’s health took a sudden downward spiral. It was decided it was time to let her go and she slipped peacefully away in my lap. We love our other pets and they possess special personalities. Sarah however was uniquely sweet and loving. You might even call her high maintenance as she craved and gave constant affection.

                           "Okay which one of you broke the light?" "What light?!"

We miss her greatly and so do her best friends Taco and Angel. They have been still and quite since Sarah’s passing. They are grieving as we are in their own way for their friend.

I was awakened by a storm this week, and my first thought was to check on Sarah. Then I realized with mixed emotion, she would never be afraid or hurt again.

What a peace and joy to know we all have that promise!

In my Father’s house there are many mansions. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” [Jn. 14:2]